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University Crepy
University Crepy
Fast Food
Bliss St., Hamra, Beirut

 25 ratings
Hotels & Resorts

 23 ratings
Jdeideh, Beirut

 26 ratings
Spinneys, Jnah, Beirut

 29 ratings
Noha C.
Noha C.  wrote a review on  Moka Lounge - International Cuisine Restaurants

Horrible place the food was old and cold,the waiters not friendly we returned the food didnt eat and they charged us in full . So unprofessionel... more
1 hour ago
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Anthonio  A.
No Rank
Anthonio A.  added 1 photo for businesses on   Byblos Zaffa
Photo of Byblos Zaffa
Byblos Zaffa
Byblos Zaffa
1 day ago
Mabelle F.
Mabelle F.  wrote a review on  Al Sanyour Cafe - International Cuisine Restaurants

This place supposed to be a very nice one with great service but it's not. My friends were on the waiting list for about 20 mins and a table was empty for about half an hour they said that's for 4 people and ur only three and when they left 2 persons... more
14 hours ago
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Joe  N.
No Rank
Joe N.  added 1 photo for businesses on   C SUSHI
Photo of C SUSHI
1 day ago
Nora S.
Nora S.  wrote a review on  Rabbit Hole - Pubs

Friendly bar tender... loved the music.. the waiter was always aware whenever we r out of carrots and chips. .it's just a real pub... more
15 hours ago
whereleb Expert  
Emad  C.
No Rank
Emad C.  added 1 photo for businesses on   My Club Beirut
Photo of My Club Beirut
My Club Beirut
My Club Beirut
1 day ago
Georgio Z.
Georgio Z.  wrote a review on  Ginger & Co - Japanese Restaurants

I used to work their its the best sushi resto with the best affordable prices and of course the service is awesome... more
22 hours ago
No Rank  
Logo of Fume Bar
Photo of Fume Bar
Fume Bar
Fume Bar
Logo of Maktabi at the Park
Photo of Maktabi at the Park
Maktabi at the Park
Maktabi at the Park
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Photo of Le Gala
Le Gala
Le Gala
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Martin P.Martin P. wrote a review on
Classic Burger Joint

I ordered 3 weeks ago and it wasn't that good and so I told them though and they a free meal instead but I refused cz I love CBJ and wanted to give it a second chance . Then 2 days ago I or...
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