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Little China Stars

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Monot St., Monot, Beirut, Lebanon


34 Reviews for Little China Stars Restaurant

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Rawan D.

Rawan D.   
 March 15, 2018
Food portions got smaller in size but tastes soo good, waiters too lazy, ambience is fine,comfortable, prices are acceptable.
Tony H.

Tony H.   
 January 4, 2017
I wish there were less than 1 star: I'll tell you what happened in detail: Went there with my wife, the waitress ran to fix the table, then we waited for about 20 min trying more than 4 times to call the waitress to take the order and everytime she looks at me calling her she just winks at me as if she's saying "coming just a sec", although she wasnt busy with other customers, just drying glasses behind the bar. 20 min later another couple came in, she ran fixed their table gave them the menu and went back drying her important glasses, 5 min later she comes to the new coming couple to take the order. We got pissed, stood up to leave, the manager or the owner (long hair-pony tail) came to us with a pen and paper as if he's coming to take the order, i told him we were here 15min before these guys and she comes and serves them first ? (Taking into consideration that this manager saw us calling the waitress several times). So in the middle of my sentence, he turn his head towards the exit and showed me with his hand the way out.
Mohamad O.

 November 20, 2015
Beautiful place, genuine and delicious.
Rita H.

Rita H.   
 July 26, 2015
Best Chinese food! Very affordable + so generous!
Hussein I.

Hussein I.   Apprentice Apprentice
 July 12, 2015
Good place...reasonable prices. ...staff :typical Chinese. .. good service but rather slow. I don't mind of going there again.
Serge H.

Serge H.   
 March 15, 2015
Very very slow service!!
Khatchig K.

 December 21, 2014
One of the best in its taste!
Miline M.

Miline M.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 3, 2014
Nice place, decoration and food. But very slow..
Jiena D.

Lutine Van Monks ..   Apprentice Apprentice
 September 23, 2014
The most authentic chinese restaurant in Lebanon. Shrimps dumplings not to be missed!
Dareen Z.

Dareen Z.   
 September 2, 2014
I love little chinaaaaaaaaa best resturent chinese in lebanon !!!
Charbel S.

Charbel S.   Savvy Savvy
 August 14, 2014
Average (-)
Bilal G.

Bilal G.   
 June 12, 2014
Sorryyyy c de la merde c nulllllll
Anonymous User

 May 25, 2014
Bad food . Not clean and chicken is very bad quality with bad smell and taste
Hich D.

Hich D.   
 February 26, 2014
Found a small cockroach in the rice and they didn't even apologized About it, barely changed the bowl of rice as if anyone gonna eat anymore rice. Too bad, it was a cool restaurant to go to.
Maysaa Z.

Meso Z.   Savvy Savvy
 February 14, 2014
Horrible! And the chicken smells!!! Ino walaw...tfeh...
Nancy G.

Nancy G.   Savvy Savvy
 February 14, 2014
Calm place, good food, cheap prices .. Just stay away from the salad section !!
Jocelyn J.

Jocelyn J.   Savvy Savvy
 February 14, 2014
The typical Chinese fast food in America. .. its cheap and with generous portions.. the ambience and decor grow into you. It's very nice and the food is delicous!
Maysaa Z.

Maysaa Z.   Apprentice Apprentice
 January 12, 2014
Worst Chinese restaurant in Lebanon!
Mitchelle I.

Mitchelle I.   Apprentice Apprentice
 October 22, 2013
Visiting Date : 13.10.2013 1- Food : Presentation is very basic but quality is good. The portions are very reasonable considering the low prices. The taste is really good, all foods are well marinated and cooked to excellence. 2- Reception : The owner/waiter is not very friendly, nor attentive. (He didn't ask for last order before closing the kitchen, thus denying us dessert.) 3- Overall experience : It's a small cozy place, perfect for dates or small gatherings : it's never noisy and you can actually have a decent conversation without having to raise your voice. I would definitely revisit. 4- Recommendations : a) vegetable spring rolls b) shrimp dumplings c) spicy crab
Muriel M.

Muriel M.   
 October 17, 2013
Bon, pas cher mais service nul.
Rabab Y.

Rabab Y.   Savvy Savvy
 October 17, 2013
Nice place, good food ! but once it was too salty , went home not being able to swallow haha :p but i love it though !
Abed J.

Abed J.   
 September 14, 2013
Crab salad is shocking... yuk ...plates are fair but poor... 3 stars restaurant
Paul K.

Paul K.   
 July 27, 2013
One of the worst place ! Found hair in my food and told them and nthg happened !!!:@
Amanda K.

Amanda K.   
 July 27, 2013
One of the best chinese restaurants!
Joe N.

Joe N.   Savvy Savvy
 July 15, 2013
The most awesome chinese restaurant, food wise, atmosphere wise and price wise! Very generous,.very yummy!
Fadi M.

Fadi M.   Savvy Savvy
 June 28, 2013
Still one of the best Chinese restaurant I have visited. Had a bad experience once with their food once but it is forgivable ;) .
Anonymous User

 March 21, 2013
short and simple cant believe this poor excuse for a chinese bathroom is still open
Anonymous User

 March 2, 2013
I got sick from it !!
Mahmoud A.

 March 2, 2013
Delicious food, very reasonable prices, amazing chinese atmosphere, the best chinese resturant in lebanon !
Jano B.

Jano B.   
 February 26, 2013
One of the best Chinese restaurants in Lebanon... Thumbs up!
Roy L.

Roy L.   
 January 13, 2013
Delicious food, fast sercice and very reasonable prices. Awesome traditional chinese atmoshphere with a cute welcoming kitty!
Atef H.

 February 18, 2012
I give 2 thumbs up Nice enviroment, and super tasty food If in the mood for chinese then its the place to be
Anonymous User

 February 8, 2012
good food, great atmosphere.
Marita Y.

 November 27, 2011
very tasty food and excellent ambiance and decor!

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