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2 Reviews for Papaya Restaurant

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Saria S.

Saria S.   Apprentice Apprentice
 January 5, 2016
Very expensive ....bad arguileh
Rita A.

Rita A.   
 August 9, 2014
Worst mistake I've ever made: (papaya aley not hazmieh, which is great believe me) Ok so just as we parked in front of the restaurant-like we do in all restaurants-the valet parking met us but was trying to force us to give him the keys! So we all got out of the car and our driver parked elsewhere because she didn't trust valet parkings. She didn't find it easy because apparently, all the parking spots near the sidewalks nearby belong to the restaurant and only the valet parking is allowed to park the cars there. Anyway, we sat on a table and here comes the menu. But what a menu! The desserts are mixed with the main platters and beverages and nothing is clear. Plus there are only like 20 choices. Not to mention that the prices were on fire. As we ordered, we waited forever to get our meals. During this time, a one man show with an ear killing voice was trying to light things up with a too hight volume that almost made me deaf. But whatever some people like those. And here come the platters. Wait...we didn't order kids sizes!!! They don't even taste good!!! 30 min later, the bill. Here's the funny part: we paid 20000lbp each for cover charge! They didn't even tell us about it before! And we were 7 people so we were charged with 140000lbp in total for cover charge! Seriously, that's more than the food'a price!!! What's cover charge anyway? The idiot who was singing for Syria and Saudi Arabia in lebanon?! I say they save some of the money spent on the tons of salt on the fries to get a better singer! In a nutshell-in which I would have preferred to dine-I made a big mistake choosing this restaurant. Do not ever think about it or you will regret since your first minute inside that restaurant.

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