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Shopping Centers
Dora, Beirut

 99 ratings
Seaway Cntr., Dbayeh Highway, Dbayeh

 94 ratings
Maillon Cafe
Maillon Cafe
International Cuisine
Nahr el Mot St., Zalka

 92 ratings
Sushi Circle
Sushi Circle
Sagesse St., Achrafieh, Beirut

 90 ratings
Maria Matar
Maria Matar  wrote a review on  Mini B - Diners Restaurants

This time I was disappointed at all. First, THE SERVICE WAS VERY BAD. I have received my order after one hour and a half!!!! The food was too cold, sandwiches were not juicy at tall and it tastes bad i got bones in my Siciliana Chicken Sanchwich al... more
3 days ago
No Rank  
Krystelle  A.
whereleb Savvy
Krystelle A.  added 1 photo for businesses on   Roadster Diner
Photo of Roadster Diner
Roadster Diner
Roadster Diner
5 years ago
T.N.  wrote a review on  Doctor Charles Morcos Physiotherapy Center - Medical Centers

Dr Charles and his amazing staff helped me recover from chronic long overdue back pain. They were so professional, very friendly and would answer all my questions.. after 3 years of pain, 10 sessions were enough for me to see results I didn't dream o... more
1 year ago
No Rank  
Nizarelali  E.
No Rank
Nizarelali E.  added 1 photo for businesses on   Brass
Photo of Brass
4 years ago
Delhine D.
Delhine D.  wrote a review on  Green Hill Hotel - Hostels - Motels

Bad experience, Overpriced, Bad WC, Bad aircondithing, Plus there is the pm receptionist man 50, is very rude and lier sometimes look at me in bad manners. I don t suggest anyone to go there... more
1 year ago
No Rank  
Manale  A.
No Rank
Manale A.  added 1 photo for businesses on   Paragliding Club Thermique
Photo of Paragliding Club Thermique
Paragliding Club Thermique
Paragliding Club Thermique
6 years ago
Moor G.
Moor G.  wrote a review on  Soubra Pharmacy - Drugstores - Pharmacy

I used to buy all my meds fm this pharmacy, but lately, the new morning staff were so rude especially the man (I don’t know his name), he’s not easygoing, never tries to help, always irritable, a character not fit at all to deal with customers, w... more
1 year ago
whereleb Apprentice  
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