whereLeb FAQ

whereLeb... What is it?

The whereLeb service, part of the whereLeb family, is an online local guide that helps people find nice places to eat, party, shop, and spend time in, based on feedback, reviews and opinions of a the active Lebanese community. The whereLeb service is a practical and useful way to locate, inqurie and talk about places you like and hang out in, share good experiences and less good ones, with your friends, other members of the local community or tourists passing by.

Is the whereLeb service free?

Yes! You can use the whereLeb service on totally for free. Other services of the whereLeb family, advertised here may or may not be so.

Why whereLeb?

Using whereLeb is easy, fun and free!
While you can surely inquire on a specific place on your own, asking friends and people who might know bits and peices about it, whereLeb gives you easier access to a wider diversity of people and opinions which will help you identify cool places and avoid bad surprises.

And while you're at it, don't you have something to say about your experience? Write a review and share it with your friends and other whereLeb user!

Why connect using my Facebook account?

Using your facebook account to connect to totally changes your experience!

Many additional features become available to you including:

  • Easier sign-up to whereLeb by automatically importing you account information instead of you having to enter them again.
  • Using automatically the same profile picture that you have on Facebook.
  • Sharing automatically the reviews that you write with friends that you select from your Facebook account.
  • Telling your friends on Facebook about whereLeb and inviting them to use it and beome part of the active whereLeb community.

Who uses whereLeb?

Shouldn't everyone be doing so? :-) Sure! Nevertheless, whereLeb users include:

  • Active people of the Lebanese community who are in the loop and know about what's cool and happening in their neighborhood, and who enjoy sharing their knowledge.
  • Visitors, tourists or anyone who wants to inquire about a place or a service and see what other people think about it.
  • People who have had a casual visit of a place or who have used a service and want to share their experiences with friends and other wherLeb user.
  • Anyone opinionated who wants to speak out loud and say what she thinks.

What can I search for on whereLeb?

Practically ANY business, service , or proffesional individual!

You can use whereLeb to find anything, from classy high level restaurants to small snacks and fast food, from doctors to web designers, from shopping centers to small corner shops,  night clubs, schools, banks, churches, mosques, hospitals... You name it!

Who can see my profile and my reviews?

whereLeb visitors can see your first name and last initial (e.g., Rabih K.), and can read your reviews. Only your friends (who are friends with you on Facebook) can access your limited profile and check out your favorite places, and all the reviews that you have written on whereLeb. Your email is not visible to anyone!

How can I get in touch with other people on whereLeb?

whereLeb is not a social networking website and does not have any vocation to provide an alternative for Facebook :-)
This said, you will always rely on your favorite social network to get in touch with your specific friends while using whereLeb to let people know what you think about businesses and service that you experience.

What if I cannot find a certain business on whereLeb?

While we are confident that we have a very large database of places, we may not have it 100%. Please let us know if you cannot find what you are looking for by dropping an email on We will be getting back to you super fast!

I'm a business owner and some of the information from my business page are inaccurate. What can I do?

We do our best to make sure the information posted on each entry is accurate to our knowledge. Nevertheless, some information may become obsolete or happens to be inaccurate. In this case, if you own that business, please update us with the latest information by dropping an email on