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ABC Mall Ashrafieh

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ABC Mall Ashrafieh

 109 ratings


Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon

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Fax: +961-1-212999

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78 Reviews for ABC Mall Ashrafieh

Haya G.

 July 6, 2017
Very good mall good variety perfect fit for Lebanon all the new things will be there I highly recommend it!!
Lina M.

 January 10, 2017
Thumbs up !
Serge R.

 February 20, 2016
Not organized at all From the parking to the hallways and the staff... Only good point is the top floor (restaurants & cinema)
Gaming+ M.

 November 22, 2015
It was better in the past but still good
Eva Maria B.

 November 22, 2015
It is the best mall I've ever visited in Lebanon and it is so clean. The restaurants are amazing.!
Lebanon B.

 November 3, 2015
Amazing! The mall of my childhood
Aboudi M.

 September 20, 2015
Excellent and very clean friendly staff
Christa B.

 August 26, 2015
Best mall in lebanon! I go there almost every week! Very clean and the staff that work there are really polite!
Hussein K.

 July 5, 2015
Looooove the outdoor view ;)
Mario D.

 May 14, 2015
nothing to complain about, even if you want to. everything is exellent, clean and well done. very beautiful decoration, very nice atmosphere. very clean. exellent attendance. A well deserved 5 stars
Krystelle A.

 April 14, 2015
One of the best malls in Beirut. Great shops and restaurants.
Taltoula C.

 January 10, 2015
Best restaurants ! Love ABC
Lou L.

 January 7, 2015
Very nice place. Easy access from the parking to the mall. Nice food court. Very well maintained.
Rebecca E.

 January 2, 2015
one of the only mall with no "nawar" ( sorry for the term but citymall and bcc are full of them ) and the staff is really great there
Gerard N.

 January 2, 2015
Best mall ever great restaurants amazing stores with the best products but expensive
Tina X.

 December 30, 2014
best mall in town!! it has alot of restaurants and shops!! and the playground there is epic!! its very clean and classy!
Francois F.

 December 27, 2014
Great mall. It has great cinemas and good restaurants. A good place to shop, you can find everything you need from clothing to jewelry.
Nirvana+ W.

 December 18, 2014
Best mall in leb. clean and so classy
Atef S.

 November 1, 2014
Nice but very bad location for someone to reach
ELie S.

 September 12, 2014
Abc dbayeh is way better. Thumbs down for abc ashrafieh
Cedric A.

 August 13, 2014
Pros: Its classy nice you can find all your neads Cons: The only thing missing is a supermarket like most of the malls
Loul L.

 July 28, 2014
Accessible, Familiar, nice and classy mall, you can find everything you need especially in the department store. It is the best!
Nassif A.

 July 14, 2014
Rude Security Guards. Disgusting Filthy Bathrooms. Normal Variety Of Shops. If It Weren't For Magnolia Backery I Wouldn't Step Foot There!
Ibrahim C.

 July 5, 2014
Very classy and nice
Antony B.

 June 27, 2014
Best of the best!!!
Rick B.

 June 24, 2014
Good mall good atmosphere. Always clean and respect their customers.
Dahlia J.

 June 21, 2014
Still as great as always. The only competition is Beirut city centre
Vanessa Z.

 June 3, 2014
Amazimg place But the electric stairs sometimes stop and the virgin store is really expensive
Yolo H.

 May 18, 2014
not rlly bad so
Lynn S.

 May 2, 2014
Very nice I love but I prefer the playground in Dbayeh by far
Wissam A.

 April 18, 2014
Good Mall . . . Not so Big
Joe F.

 April 6, 2014
Amazing atmosphere
Nora S.

 March 30, 2014
Love everything abt it
Malek A.

 March 22, 2014
Small but amazing!!!!
Tima E.

 March 20, 2014
Cyla J.

 March 20, 2014
Our FAVORITE place in beirouth. Best mall in all Lebanon.Specialy because he is in Achrafieh. Soooo Classy , amasing decoration and best quality of shops and restaurants. Love it.
Nannouse R.

 March 20, 2014
The new Victoria's Secret store is amazing so huge and having many things!
Tia J.

 March 2, 2014
Best mall of all the malls in lebanon! Great architect !! I like the idea how the highest floor the roof is opened to the sky great in summer ! And u got everything restos, shopping, etc i love it :)
Lebanese R.

 January 27, 2014
Best mall in lebanon ! Architecture , shops and restaurant selection , parking , poeple everything is perfect ! Always enjoyable !
Tarek T.

 January 16, 2014
Best of the best
Nadim C.

 December 21, 2013
The best Mall in lebanon
Mostafa Y.

 December 17, 2013
Just perfect. Amazing mall with almost everything you need. Great location. Medium sized.
Mahmoud M.

 November 12, 2013
One of the Best malls in lebanon. What makes it unique is its special style and architecture.
Nicolas S.

 November 1, 2013
It's the best mall in lebanon.
Rabab Y.

 October 19, 2013
Simply My Fav.!
Rawad A.

 October 19, 2013
I have seen much better malls, this has toilets that are never clean other than that security are too rude and they keep checking girls out instead of their work.
Fouad A.

 October 19, 2013
U can find everything u need there
Charbel K.

 October 16, 2013
Greatest architecture I've ever seen in a mall. Simply the best. Love it
Totona L.

 September 30, 2013
Best place ever
Johnny M.

 September 23, 2013
Best mall ever
Hussein I.

 September 22, 2013
Shoppers are snobbers in ABC
Michel G.

 September 19, 2013
Best mall in Lebanon
Tarek B.

 September 13, 2013
I love IT!
Ahmad Mohamad C.

 September 1, 2013
the best mall 1
Mira H.

 August 18, 2013
The best mall
Bassem F.

 August 13, 2013
Best mall in lebanon
Joumana T.

 August 12, 2013
The only mall I can stand in Lebanon.
Hsen K.

 August 8, 2013
One of the best.. Nice arrangement for the stores, tasty food, and great shopping experience ;)
Rabih K.

 August 3, 2013
Easy transportation and access. Best selection of shops. Great arrangement of stores. Aweaome movie theater. Wonderful food court. THE BEST MALL IN LEBANON.
Pierre M.

 August 3, 2013
One of my best malls!
Joe S.

 July 5, 2013
Best shopping center, astonishing decoration!
Yervant T.

 July 5, 2013
Best mall in leb
Richard E.

 July 5, 2013
One of the best malls in lebanon.
Jennifer M.

 July 4, 2013
Is this the best mall in leb or what?
Anonyme .

 June 29, 2013
best mall leb
André A.

 June 21, 2013
Best mall in Leb, if something such as a good mall exists...
Hala A.

 June 17, 2013
The best mall in lebanon
Kebs B.

 June 17, 2013
This mall has it all, its in the center of the city but feels totally diffrent inside. Thumbs up! wonderful place to pass time.
Mahur D.

 June 16, 2013
Great mall ! I don't understand why they don't validate parking though ... That aside it is easily one of the best in lebanon
Georges D.

 June 16, 2013
This is the best mall ever where you can find whatever you want and cinemas are great as well as shops and restaurants plus its location is great
Georges R.

 June 9, 2013
Nice place. Would have given 5 starts if parking was for free
Nagham F.

 June 1, 2013
Very nice place. Good shops, good restaurants, good cinema..
Anthony S.

 May 1, 2013
Not too waw bu it's a good Mall
Joseph S.

 April 16, 2013
U cant compare this mall to the city center this mall is a lot BETTER
Christian W.

 December 20, 2012
Best shopping mall better than citymall. There is m2, mac shop, class virgin...
Anonymous User

 September 28, 2012
the best mall
Rebecca K.

 September 6, 2012
Really great place to shop or eat !
Dana X.

 February 19, 2012
It is really amazing place <3