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ABC Mall Dbayeh

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ABC Mall Dbayeh

 64 ratings


Dbayeh, Lebanon

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Fax: +961-4-416000

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42 Reviews for ABC Mall Dbayeh

Nohad C.

 November 29, 2016
One of the best malls in lebanon
Elie H.

 March 26, 2016
Best mall in Lebanon. Classy in every single way.
Gabriel H.

 January 17, 2016
THE best mall
Lebanon B.

 November 3, 2015
Very classy
Nour F.

 October 2, 2015
Mon preferable
Christian M.

 September 1, 2015
Great mall, is clean and has all that you need. And the restaurants and cinemas are great too.
Mario D.

 July 27, 2015
Awesome place, classy, we cans find everything. We can find luxurious brands as wel as regular. Caffe are nice in this mall. Good place to go out with friends with family or on a date
Samir H.

 July 14, 2015
Verry good mall wathever it could have more restaurants
Francois F.

 May 23, 2015
Nice place to shop. Good cinema theaters. You can find good coffeehouses and restaurants. A good place to hangout with friends.
Marino M.

 May 1, 2015
Most people go there to watch... a good place to be.
Krystelle A.

 April 20, 2015
I always get lost in this mall. Not my fav.
La B.

 April 8, 2015
Nice place to go
Perla G.

 February 20, 2015
nice place to go
Carole C.

 February 14, 2015
I am in love with this place
Blondy+ B.

 February 13, 2015
D best place ever love 2 go...
St C.

 February 12, 2015
لديكم عقبة كبيرة في المواقف ..في الشتاء وفي الصيف .. لماذا لا يكون الموقف مسقوف ليصبح امول خمسة نجوم ..ويكون لديكم ايضا فرع سوبرماركت..
Teresa Z.

 January 8, 2015
Amazing as always
Georges+ A.

 December 26, 2014
Worst management! But the place got better since 2013
Atef S.

 November 1, 2014
Will always be our first mall ever
Alaa K.

 October 7, 2014
Ashrafiyi is more trendy
Dounia R.

 October 7, 2014
The best mall in Lebanon. So classy.
Ayana N.

 July 18, 2014
The restaurants at the rooftop are awesome and for shopping it's perfect.MY FAVOURITE MALL!!

 June 18, 2014
The best mall everr amazing cinema , and it's very clean and very safety placee i love it
Roberto A.

 June 7, 2014
A wonderful place for shopping!!
Judy M.

 June 1, 2014
I just hate the organization of the stores..Nice Cinema and outside décor tho
Jowii G.

 April 28, 2014
Gr8 sports wear and brands section!
Mirna S.

 April 17, 2014
Zero customer service !! Too mean, not friendly, jst wna get rid of u asap, not helpful.
Nora S.

 March 30, 2014
Absolutely my fav palce for shopping
Zouzou H.

 March 23, 2014
Good place .
Anthony A.

 March 23, 2014
Best mall in Lebanon
Elio N.

 March 21, 2014
Best mall in Lebanon Very nice atmosphere
Yara F.

 August 30, 2013
When I enter I feel I am in the north pole people need a jacket to survive from the cold They put good movies but the popcorn is too salty !!!!!!!
Khloe B.

 August 22, 2013
Joseph S.

 June 25, 2013
Can you even compare this mall to bcc !? This is awsome
SPR 5.

 May 29, 2013
Is awesome but was better
Saiid F.

 May 28, 2013
Best mall in lebanon!
Fatouma K.

 May 12, 2013
Best mall to eat or to make shopping
Anthony S.

 May 1, 2013
Best mall ever.Maybe it's not the biggest but it's the best.The stores,the restaurants and the cinema are awesome.It' my favorite mall.
Anonymous User

 January 11, 2013
felt like living in europe
Anonymous User

 January 6, 2013
can be better ,same shops everywhere ...
Georges G.

 January 6, 2013
Worst mall ever!! And it has all the potential to compete with bests, but they have to get rid of all the management, all of the shitheads who hire the people, and then it could become the best!
Dave T.

 December 29, 2012
It's a great mall BOT it's FULL of clotes