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Tyre, Tyr, Tyre, Lebanon

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Al Fanar restaurant

12 Reviews for Al Fanar Restaurant

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Razzouk R.

Razzouk R.   Savvy Savvy
 October 3, 2016
Honestly the location of the place is sensational, yet truth be told it was somehow pricey considering what we had , the mezza was really not enough the fish we had was good also was not enough.
Loul L.

Loul L.   Savvy Savvy
 August 19, 2016
Love this authentic place, easy access to everywhere, nice for a weekend escape
M L.

M L.   
 August 15, 2016
Very good restaurant, delicious food but the beach is too noisy that u can't enjoy the beauty of the place , people on the beach always partying and their loud music is conflicting the hotel's music. Hotel staff is very kind but hotel rooms are v old and needs renovation.
Ahmad E.

Ahmad E.   Savvy Savvy
 June 14, 2015
Amazing place Affordable prices Stunning view Tasty food Good service
Esther G.

Esther G.   
 June 15, 2014
Nice location near the shore; one can enjoy a water bath before eating or sunbath while eating. Prices are acceptable, service is not bad..
Elias S.

Elias S.   
 June 10, 2014
Perfect place, delicious food but takes a lot of time after ordering. Its better to order when at Beirut so u eat when u arrive :p kidding but slow service
Nora S.

Nora S.   Expert Expert
 May 4, 2014
The view the ambiance the drinks the food.. its all awsome except for the worst service I have ever experienced
R N.

R N.   Savvy Savvy
 January 18, 2014
It's like u're out of Tyr, nice Lebanese food, great outdoor terrasse...
Daniel B.

Daniel B.   Apprentice Apprentice
 October 6, 2013
Excellent restaurant, bon accueil, prix raisonnable et cerise sur le gâteau c'est propre..... A recommander aux français de passage..
Ali K.

Ali K.   
 September 1, 2012
Great place . Best sea food .
Nour C.

Nour C   
 August 14, 2012
Amazing place
Anonymous User

 May 31, 2012
its the best place u can ever had :D sea lovers just visit it :D

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