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St. Joseph University St., Monot, Beirut, Lebanon

+961-1-215424 | +961-71-758658

Burger Bites restaurant

32 Reviews for Burger Bites Restaurant

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Céline S.

Céline S.   Savvy Savvy
 January 12, 2015
The food is good, but what makes it earn 4 stars is the try it all concept. Pretty satisfying.
Roukoz K.

Roukoz K.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 11, 2014
Nice experience but wouldn't go back another time The burgers weren't that good I could barely taste any meat and the chicken had a bad after taste
Nour S.

Nour S.   Savvy Savvy
 November 4, 2014
Disgusting and u pay for nothing (No taste at all)
Mohamad Bassem A.

 November 4, 2014
I really liked it
Dounia R.

Dounia R.   Apprentice Apprentice
 October 7, 2014
The burgers are great, but it's kind of a really small restaurant.
Elias M.

Elias M.   Savvy Savvy
 September 29, 2014
A small place sometimes serves bigger love . It's a really lovely concept for people who want to try it all . I invite you all to try all the bites on the menu . I love those mini burgers . EM Twitter : @em_313 Instagram : elias_mansour
Patil B.

 September 3, 2014
Simply yummy! The idea of serving mini burgers is very good & the taste is even better.
Georges K.

Georges K.   Savvy Savvy
 August 30, 2014
Delicious burgers and fries.very nice concept!
Anthony B.

Anthony B.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 20, 2014
Overall, not bad. You should work on the interior of the restaurant in order to attract more people. But nice concept. Keep it up and work on upgrading your services.
L I.

L I.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 20, 2014
Good idea and nice concept. But something's need improvement in order to be a good consistent place. Waiters need more pay more attention and a price drop would be welcome. Good place overall
Nadim J.

Nadim J.   
 August 19, 2014
Tasty burgers, I come back again.
Selim 'Silo' M.

Selim 'Silo' M.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 17, 2014
Place is easy to find. Concept is great, try all the flavors. Service is great, people are very friendly. Ceasar salad is rich and tasty. The burger boat presentation is mouthwatering. Tastes we tried included: beef bacon, beef blue cheese, chicken pesto, beef brie, beef mushroom, chicken chilli, beef jalapeño, and beef cherry. All the combinations were great and tasty. Average price not very cheap. Very nice experience with friends or a loved one.
Maysaa Z.

Meso Z.   Savvy Savvy
 June 23, 2014
Yummy! Great burgers... Delicious Taste and affordable prices... I love it!!
Pierre K.

Pierre   Savvy Savvy
 April 18, 2014
Burgers are so tasty !!
Harout S.

Harout S.   Apprentice Apprentice
 April 8, 2014
Yummy burgers especially after a long day!
Lebanese R.

Lebanese R.   Apprentice Apprentice
 January 27, 2014
Food is amazing and service is the best ! Really the best staff ever lovely and very friendly !
Mira D.

Mira D.   
 January 22, 2014
Lovely cosy place, burgers are superb, esp. Baconator, le brie! Service is fast and lovely
Francois F.

Amateur   Expert Expert
 January 2, 2014
Tasty burges, good presentation. Excellent concept of mini burgers. But average prices. Worth visiting if you are a burger lover!
Nelly F.

Nell   Apprentice Apprentice
 December 28, 2013
The mini burgers are so yummy but the place is really small!!
Tarek E.

Tarek E.   Savvy Savvy
 July 24, 2013
Very delicious food!!! A must visit place
Ray M.

Ray M.   
 July 9, 2013
Nice little place, the "bites" were definitely tasty, and the fries were amusingly shaped and delicious.
Mahur D.

Makunga   Savvy Savvy
 May 29, 2013
I'll give it a perfect 10 on concept and idea... The mini burgers taste good enough... I'll give them 8/10 on taste... But this place is worth checking out !
Shelsy A.

 May 15, 2013
First it was so cheap Second the place is original as for the burgers and mini stuff Third so tasty fries as for very good service
Lara J.

 March 26, 2013
i adore that place i wish i could visit it second time
Wissam A.

Wissam A.   Apprentice Apprentice
 February 5, 2013
I like the concept ! Very tasty mini burgers, the best is Le Brie !

 December 26, 2012
one of the best burgers in town! must go there again !
Anonymous User

Rami H   
 October 12, 2012
Tasteful , unique , cozy , good music , original and simple , good priced - a place to dine in weekly
Ali B.

Ali B.   
 August 22, 2012
So tiny and yet so tasty. 6 to 7 burgers would do it, unless you're a champion, then it's a whole different story.
Maya S.

Maya S.   
 August 12, 2012
Yummy burgers le Brie is my favorite
Gregory N.

 July 13, 2012
Very delecious and great ideas
Anonymous User

 June 4, 2012
Great place!! Great idea!! The brie burger is definitely the best!!
Amir C.

 February 25, 2012
Best burgers in town !!!!!

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