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Sami Junior K.

Sami Junior K.   Savvy Savvy
 February 18, 2016
Important update: APR 2016 French channels disconnect every night without reason for 1 min at most crucial moments : during the Voice , at a suspense moment, etc. What a pity when the customer support on Facebook tell you that the disconnection comes from the source!! Who can believe such things!? Lost 1 star today until problem fixed. Update Apr. 2016 Some channels are not in their original aspect ratio. The under-scan is also apparent. Some channels are marked with Cablevision logo. Annoying when the channel itself removes its own logo during movies. So ugly and impossible to get a clean image. Cablevision customer support is also not very competent concerning freezes and cuts during night. Finally, they will never get better unless a real competitor announces its opening. Update: Feb 2016 New improvements! Their ad says it all. New HD Channels, language options, aspect ratio fixed for most channels. Some points remain to be fixed to reach a 5 stars product. I hope they will cooperate in order to give us this satisfaction. The re-transmission has been improved from a MPEg 2 to H264 compression for the image (as it says on their screen). It means the image is better than a DVD. However some freezes occur since with actual bandwidth data transfer may be affected. Some channels are not well fixed yet, despite the fact that customer support is aware about it. The logo of CableVision has been added to some channels for "logistic" reasons. "Internal decision". To my taste i deserve the reception of a clean and original broadcast. Logo is misplaced and is an annoying add on. It flickers (aliasing) sometimes on the screen. But overall they improved it's a fact. Hope they will get a 24h competent support later since most problems occur at night. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Older review: For the price we have it's not bad. However you will always find problems with French channels like a offs and sometimes channels are down. Simple problems are often taking 10 days to be solved. They have censorship too. They stop cine frissons after 1 am. (Yes they care about your education! Sad when everyone knows there is a parent lock on every decoder). Despite the efforts Cablevision wants to make they have to be more caring with customers.
Evy C.

Evy C.   
 January 18, 2016
Cable vision tripoli mina

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