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Chateau Belle-Vue Winery

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Amin Abdelnour St., Bhamdoun Mhatta, Lebanon

+961-3-221205 | +961-5-260752

The finest wines tell a story of heritage, passion, or perhaps the quest for that 'perfect vintage'. But only rarely does a wine seek to express our deeply human connection to each other and to the land. Our commitment to Bhamdoun village has many faces:

- In replanting its historic vineyards, we seek to salvage a heritage of viticulture before dispassionate developers can cover the valley with cement. This remains a continuing battle, but one in which we have largely succeeded so far.

- By employing local craftsmen, Chateau Belle-Vue enables more families to remain in Bhamdoun beyond the four months of typical summer tourism. These families, in turn, patronize shops, schools and businesses of all kinds, creating a ripple effect which benefits a maximum number of households.

- We continue to donate $1 per bottle sold to fund scholarships for needy children at the village school. A minimum of ten students each year are directly impacted by this contribution.

- The Belle-Vue Community Library now boasts 6,000+ volumes in three languages for adults and children. Our goal is to provide library services to the community summer and winter, providing a much-needed gathering space for local youth.

What began as the lonely efforts of a handful of individuals has blossomed into village-wide support and excitement as we better appreciate the wisdom of the Arabic proverb "One hand alone cannot clap". Adding value is the key, and here in Bhamdoun we have found plenty of opportunity to do so.

Chateau Belle-Vue Winery

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Fady H.

Fady H.   
 September 30, 2014
Best wine produced in Lebanon by far!

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