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Beirut Souks, Downtown, Beirut, Lebanon

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Peppermint (VIP 2)

Action, Drama, Thriller
Alpha (VIP 1)

Adventure, Drama, Family
Papillon (ST 15)

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
A Little Something for your Birthday

Comedy, Drama, Romance
Christopher Robin

Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy
The Mercy

Adventure, Biography, Drama

Slender Man

Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Action, Adventure, Thriller
The Little Mermaid

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Amoureux de ma Femme

Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Equalizer 2

Action, Crime, Thriller
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

El Badla

Action, Comedy
The Meg

Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Crazy Rich Asians

Comedy, Romance

Action, Drama, Thriller

Adventure, Drama, Family
Mile 22

Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller

Alpha 3D

Adventure, Drama, Family

120 Reviews for Beirut Souks Cinemacity

Anonymous User

 April 20, 2019
They do really good Job
Habib Y.

 January 18, 2018
Best theatre in Lebanon! Comfortable seats, great popcorn, good service!
Ahed F.

 August 17, 2017
Best cinema! Big theaters and screens.Love it!! Add 47 metres down.Very nice Movie to be in your cinemas.
Lana G.

 July 6, 2017
Fun place! Although the cinemas are colddddd! It's awesome! Any movies that's new, it's there'
Anonymous User

 February 26, 2017
Batman is asam
Marlon S.

 February 26, 2017
@Beirut Souks Cinemacity is a MESS. I bought 2 VIP tickets (which are quite expensive) for the movie Hidden Figures. When I entered the theatre, I was suprised to see two women sitting at our assigned seats! I then realized they had a bodyguard so there was no hope to move them. The manager was beyond unprofessional by saying that it was a "system error" and wanted to redeem us with a free tickets to "normal" theatre and a popcorn. He was clearly making fun of us since we're casual people without "bodyguards" and they definitely do not have interest in keeping us as clients whatsoever since we do not tip them! It's outrageous how money and power can give you the right to sit wherever you want at anytime you want regardless of others who had booked and paid their tickets online in advance! It's even more ridiculous how you can be thrown out of a place just because they think someone else is "superior". I know corruption is a way of living in Lebanon, but never thought it would happen in a cinema! I ask everyone to boycott it, there are many places in this country where you can watch movies peacefully.
Nibal A.

 January 1, 2017
Cinema city have beautiful cinemas
Lina M.

 December 27, 2016
Best cinema in BEIRUT!!
Anonymous User

 December 24, 2016
Worst movie of the year No story , no thrill , no sci-fi I don't recommend it
Anonymous User

 September 9, 2016
VIP theaters? With no AC? What a shame
Mohamad King A.

 September 5, 2016
Best cinema ever !!!!amazing!!
Jana S.

 August 22, 2016
Best cinema in Lebanon!!! Good popcorn, big theaters and comfortable seats! Must try it
Anonymous User

 August 2, 2016
I love finding dory because it talks about to not go anywhere dangerous in the sea!!!! I Love Finding DORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!§12345567789
Anonymous User

 August 2, 2016
Used to be the best Cinema in Lebanon, used to go once every week, right until a couple of months ago everything changed. Currently It has the worst costumer service, unprofessional and rude staff, not so fresh food/popcorn. Sadly I do not recommend it anymore, at least until they make the right changes.
Rawad H.

 July 26, 2016
honestly, beirut cinemacity was my go to cinema of choice I'm an avid customer I loved how it looked and also enjoyed the theater rooms but this will be my last visit to this cinema I would never again recommended it to any of my friend's, with all honesty how can you turn away a 23 year old and a 19 year old and simply state that you can't buy 2 tickets for the conjuring 2 a movie thats Rated R (meaning Restricted, with no one under 17 admitted without an accompanying parent or guardian ) this is an absolute disgrace I was simply denied watching a movie that any other person over 17 or even under can watch I dont care what justification they might have but when you refuse a 23 and 19 year old who basically are the most likely age group that would actually want to see the movie from watching it, is absolutely ridiculous. and on top of that I had to pay 4000LL for parking a grand total of 5 min because I was kicked out of the cinema for being too young and immature for the management of this establishment, for all you reading this stay away from this place its not a cinema for actual moviegoers it simply is a money printing institution, the staff at the theater room entrance are rude or nonexistent at times the management is incompetent the only good thing going for them is the actual building it self which will soon get old and go the way that cinemacity city mall did and the sooner the better I had a lot of respect for this cinema and never even considered its shortcomings but after getting turned away at the dore I will not let it slide. stay away from this place unless you want your evening ruined!!

 July 9, 2016
Best Cinema in Lebanon
Anonymous User

 June 1, 2016
Best cinema ever! Comfortable seats, alot of films to choose and watch always up to date and food is great but a little overpriced! But in general it's amazing!
Dany G.

 April 28, 2016
كل شيء فيها حلو بس في مشكلة صغيرة بس انا ينتهي الفيلم ما بضوا ضو بس احلى سينما بي لبنان!♡
Z S.

 March 26, 2016
Best cinema in lebanon
Ali K.

 March 10, 2016
Great movie experience. Bery accessible location in Dt. But i would much rather go watch my movies at Vox Cinemas.
A M.

 January 20, 2016
Fantastic cinemas. The cheese popcorn is really tasteless.
Ziad Z.

 January 17, 2016
Best Cinema in Lebanon.
Lailah I.

 January 17, 2016
Horrible experience! Such bad customer service. I was picking out my seats and the cashier wouldn't let me pick where I wanted to sit. Never again. If I could give less than a star then I would!
Anonymous User

 January 3, 2016
Fantastic cinema, I have never had a problem with them and everything is clean perfect food and they open cinemas at the that they are supposed to
Anonymous User

 December 9, 2015
We watched yesterday bus657 @ 22:30. The hall was almost empty. We reserved 5 seats with the club seats and to our surprise we had other people sitting in our place and refused to change their seats. The problem is that how do you charge us with club seats if you already know that the hall is empty and none is abiding by their seats ... It should all be either charged the same or chaos should not be allowed. It was supposed to be a pleasant evening but we were really disappointed and our invitees were humiliated. Never again beirut souks
Farah S.

 November 26, 2015
Best movie theater in town so far, very comfortable seats and big screens. The beverages are good but abit overpriced, and the loyalty cards can be a big privilege
Amar Z.

 November 24, 2015
The room was verrrrryyyy cold i freezed there. Not comfortable. The popcorn was delicious though
Hoda E.

 November 2, 2015
Very nice, big screens, great popcorn and the VIP is amazing
Anonymous User

 November 2, 2015
Very shitty experience, very very rude staff, most rude people i've met in my life
Amira Z.

 September 28, 2015
I love it a lot
Aboudi M.

 September 27, 2015
Best cinema in the world
Loul L.

 September 12, 2015
It is real five stars cinema, amazing pic and sound. Comfortable seats , very clean and impressive.
Rola J.

 September 12, 2015
By far the best movie theatre in lebanon. Very neat and seats are comfy, staff are all well trained, the popcorn is really tasty. I love that the restrooms are so clean too. Keep it up!
Mohamed M.

 August 16, 2015
Well, the staff is good enough better than other cinemas. Popcorn is great and better than vox's. Large Pepsi is anything but large. Seats are not that comfortable and the upgrade for club seats is not worth it. They feel plastic-y and not that comfortable. And the screen feels small from the club seats above.
Saad I.

 August 3, 2015
Best cinema to go to in lebanon with one of the most tastiest caramel popcorn!! Good job!! :)
Mohamad K.

 August 2, 2015
Best place to watch a movie so far, especially with the card benefits, the nachos could be better though!
Sarah F.

 July 22, 2015
Best cinema ever
Hussein K.

 July 5, 2015
Looooooove it ♥♥♥
Alaa.el.dine K.

 June 30, 2015
Crappy cheese popcorn though, vip seats arent that comfy but better than voxmax's. The parking ticket thing was better!! Some people would go to free parking places rather than paying for both cinema and parking.
Ayman T.

 May 12, 2015
The cinema design is modern and nice, they have a whole floor just for restrooms (L-3) The seats are comfy and nice Most of the staff are well informed As of May 1, 2015 parking is no longer complementary when purchasing a ticket, instead it is discounted by 1000 LBP which is more of a hassle in my opinion
Tah K.

 May 4, 2015
I wonder what not to like about it. Huge cinemas, great sound system amaizing complex. The VIP section is superb
Krystelle A.

 April 13, 2015
Overcrowded on weekends. Parking is no longer complementary when buying a ticket, instead it is discounted by 1000L.L now. I got a free ticket on my birthday and another by collecting points on my loyalty card. Love it! Always a great experience.
Suzanne E.

 April 2, 2015
Worst management and worst customer service ever :( All the luxurious complex is run with unprofessionalism.
Khaled S.

 March 20, 2015
The grand structure and elaborate design and content of the premise betrays the reveler to an over-priced and sub-par quality. I would suggest addressing the quality and pricing of the concession stand first (popcorn, nachos, & beverages are all I tried) as they always ruins what otherwise could have been a grand experience.
Mohamad K.

 March 18, 2015
Definetely the best cinema in lebano comfy seats
Blondy+ B.

 March 8, 2015
There is better theatres...
Khaled H.

 March 8, 2015
Fresh popcorn, comfy seats, enjoyable experience!
Yoan T.

 February 22, 2015
small seats verry small popcorn impolite cashier
Maher S.

 February 14, 2015
No one ever answers the phone
Rima N.

 January 21, 2015
You should work on the audio in the movie theater and there is always light during the movie
Sami Junior K.

 January 15, 2015
Update Oct 2015: It's sad that a superb cinema complex became less attractive with bad services in almost all departments. Including the bar (concession area). Some of theaters have a deteriorated screen or projector. Complaints are never heard. Written complaints never answered back. It is like if they didn't care about any uncomfortableness towards the client. It is sad! I still remember old Empire theatres maybe they didn't have good parkings but at least we were Kings! ------------------------------ Relatively new complex with a beautiful design, facilities and large spaces to avoid congestion when overcrowded. Restaurants around the theaters available. Every floor has its snak bar (concession stands). Theaters are excellent with state of the art modern sound and image technologies. Seats are comfortable. This complex has all the infrastructure that should make it number 1 in Lebanon. Unfortunately it has some disadvantages. The Parking access is not direct (not yet as they claim it will be soon). An open air trip is necessary and is not very convenient when it rains. The staff needs to be more involved as for example be aware of all questions that might be asked, report any complaint if occurs, etc. They are not bad but compared to old Circuit Empire Theaters staff, the young need more experience. A problem: if you want pop corn, please do count few longs minutes before the movie starts otherwise you will miss the first images. In normal days it takes 10 minutes to be served. Don't forget to ask for a free parking stamp (4 first hours) when you buy a ticket. As for taking back your car and finding a cashier to validate your ticket (free or paid) this is another problem that is related to Beirut Souks and the problems are not few. Long waitings, not available at all floors, firsts seconds in the parking are NOT FREE if u entered by mistake. Well, they have also a contribution on choosing or not to watch a movie there. This should be an object of discussion between both parties: BEIRUT SOUKS AND CINEMACITY.
Taltoula C.

 January 10, 2015
Amazing cinema ! VIP seats are the best ! Great food, decoration and temperature ! Totally worth it
Rami A.

 January 1, 2015
Veryyy nice,it's just an amazing theatre
Mustafa K.

 December 21, 2014
Very nice one of my recommended movie places so far so good
Gabo T.

 November 29, 2014
Nice 100/ sure coming back
Maysaa Z.

 November 16, 2014
The Best Ever!
Ric C.

 November 16, 2014
Amazing theatre and good food. Prices are reasonable and much better than most others. Comfy seats with good temperature settings through the building. Who ever the engineer who did the air system was a genius. Overall great architecture and engineering.
Rafic A.

 November 15, 2014
Worst cinema v ever been to!
Francois F.

 November 9, 2014
Huge cinemas!!
Simon R.

 November 2, 2014
Great place and soooooooo big! Even the bathroom is super-sized :P Great food and reasonable prices (as reasonable as cinemas can get) plus they have a loyalty card :D
Nour S.

 October 25, 2014
U think that you're in the US..its huge and soooo nice !!
Louay A.

 October 17, 2014
Greatest theater
Elias M.

 October 15, 2014
One of the best if not the best . Seats , sound , picture , screen size , room size . Totally recommended . EM Twitter : @em_313 Instagram : elias_mansour
Suzy G.

 October 14, 2014
Never went to any other cinema place since Beirut Souks Cinemacity opened. Leeeuuve it :)
Mahur D.

 October 11, 2014
Comfortable seats, good sound and image quality, but what makes this theater stand out is the large waiting area so you will always find a seat while waiting for your theater to open
Nora S.

 October 10, 2014
By far my fav movie theater. .. loved their snacks... The seats are so comfortable. . U can really enjoy a movie there
Anonymous User

 September 24, 2014
I love it!
Wahib M.

 September 11, 2014
Better than any other cinema in Lebanon. Variety of food and beverages is great. Amazing seats and theatres...
Ram A.

 September 4, 2014
Love the cinema, seats are ok! The back rows are extra charge more comfortable. The vip cinema seats are luxury but expensive( u can call the waiters to order stuff which i found super annoying!over priced everything( get ur water, food.. From outaide and ull save a lot)
Lea T.

 August 30, 2014
Best cinema in town.. very comfortable seats .. creative decor.. big theaters
Mahmoud M.

 August 29, 2014
Best lebanese cinema. The place is huge and comfortable. All movies released in the country are found there. Screens are large. Seats are good. Simply love it.
Wissam T.

 August 25, 2014
TOP cinema Center in Lebanon
Mohamad W.

 August 21, 2014
Best cinema!!
Dania E.

 August 19, 2014
Best cinema in all Lebanon amazing decoretion good weather nice prices and everything is cool .
Anas H.

 August 17, 2014
Best cinema in Lebanon. Services are awesome. Toilets are clean, design is breathtaking. Seats are comfy, auditorium is cozy. Can't ask for more.
Feras F.

 August 16, 2014
Best movie theater in Lebanon
Michael M.

 August 7, 2014
Awsome place. Best in Beirut.
Nicolas H.

 August 1, 2014
Pros: Great atmosphere, clean toilets, clean and tasty food, friendly staff. Cons: Slightly overpriced.
Ibrahim S.

 July 30, 2014
Very nice place
Tamara C.

 July 26, 2014
Louay H.

 July 26, 2014
Outstanding cinema!!!The seats are comfier than my own couch,and the amount space the whole cinema has is amazing,compared to other cinemas Beirut souk cinema is as huge as an open as a desert!!!The snacks are heavenly especially the popcorn!!!And this cinema picks the best movies!!! Surely deserves a 5 stars if not more :p
Mostafa G.

 July 14, 2014
Cinemacity is one of the best cinemas in Lebanon if not the best. It is situated in the DownTown area which is great tourist attraction. The cinema is brand new and has it's own building. They paid a lot to try to make it look modern and stunning, which turned out well. The staff there are very friendly and welcoming. The waiting area is a whole new level of awesomeness, you can sit or even lay back and enjoy the stunning scenes above you made by several high definition monitors. The prices are affordable and exactly the same among other cinemas. The cinema inside is very similar to vox, same size and same order of seats, etc .... But the seats are all blue leather and are very comfortable. The screen is also the same as in vox which is one of the best screens. Also the sound is great. Before the movie started there were teenagers making noises and fooling around and the security made sure they stay quite the entire film. During the film 2 of them started making inappropriate gestures on the projector and appeared on the screen. The security staff kicked them out and it was the best thing that happened. Props to the staff that actually took action, because I went to many other cinemas and the security just spoke and didn't do anything. Overall it's highly recommended to go and watch you favorite movies there.
Anonymous User

 July 2, 2014
It's a great cinema specially the VIP section that's really comfortable love it can going there almost every day
Mira H.

 June 25, 2014
Best and clean.
A.r. S.

 June 23, 2014
Calm,clean, AC , classy, customer service.. all A+ .. good to try..
Tala Y.

 June 11, 2014
Best cinema in Lebanon! It's big, clean new...
Ninja N.

 June 7, 2014
Never tried yet... Looks nice outside! Good reviews! Can't waiittt
Habib C.

 June 7, 2014
Best cinema, superior sound and image quality
Anonymous User

 June 5, 2014
Best cinema ever!!
Mohamad S.

 June 5, 2014
Simply The best in Beirut
Hassan B.

 June 5, 2014
Just perfect movie experience loved it.
Jessy H.

 May 31, 2014
very nice theathers..seating is good..staff is friendly and welcoming..just one issue though..they just have to reconsider the cheese popcorn because it is not very tasty.
Malek E.

 May 19, 2014
Cinemacity dt is probably the best cinema in Lebanon .. No need for further explanation (just stare at the animated ceiling :p)
Patil B.

 May 15, 2014
I love it!
Ahmad H.

 April 18, 2014
Good Experience :) Nachos are great , popcorn good as always :P I never had any problem at all with this cinema and the staff , the only annoyances are the people who talk during movies !! Seriously STOP IT !
Lynn S.

 April 13, 2014
Excellent place, very comfortable chairs!!
Anonymous User

 April 9, 2014
Fun place
Farah B.

 March 29, 2014
Love it .. amazing movie experience
Anonymous User

 March 22, 2014
beirut souks is the best
Hsen K.

 March 12, 2014
Great Cinema, I went there with ny friend last month! It was amazing ;;)
Mohamad M.

 March 4, 2014
Dear Charlie, you sir are an ignorant, thank you.
Beirut I.

 March 4, 2014
It looks like airport waiting area. Uncomfortable seats. Bad experience. . Must change many things. .
Marouan Z.

 February 28, 2014
Best cinema in lebanon.
Saleem S.

 February 21, 2014
It is my first time to Visit Beirut souk cinemas. Impressive decor. Comfortable, sound and audio are really amazing. Appreciate and congratulate for providing a best entertainment. Kindly inform when ever showing IMAX movies. Services quality is good but your staff need to be trained And knowledgable about cinemas audio & video quality and system.
Mira H.

 February 14, 2014
Amazing cinema! Always want to watch my movies there!! Although the screen is smaller than what I thought it wld be
Elie M.

 February 10, 2014
Good screening resolution and sound system Four hours free parking Bad popcorn :/
Caroline A.

 January 28, 2014
the waiting area is charming with the music and the ceiling huge screen
Geo S.

 January 28, 2014
Excellent, the best in lebanon!!
Hanan E.

 January 27, 2014
Good seats and screens, big space and cafeteria. Helpful crew
Yara W.

 January 23, 2014
The best cinema ever!!
Nizar S.

 January 19, 2014
a good place to watch movies , well managed , the popcorn is delicious and the quantity is verry fair
Paolo M.

 January 19, 2014
Best cinema ever with excellent technology
Georgio G.

 January 19, 2014
Best cinema in Lebanon love it!! And the best movie I ever seen is (LAST VEGAS)!
Robert A.

 January 8, 2014
Lately films are being shows for only one week as 3D which is not logic since you are removing the essence of the film! This is really a shame from such once leading cinema If you want to stay a leading cinema in Lebanon, you need to consider solving this issue, adding more 3D screens
Jafar I.

 January 5, 2014
One of the best cinemas in the earth .. Love it
Dana B.

 January 5, 2014
Yea well it is honestly huge! Nice interior and whatever like its something new to Lebanon and the lebanese, not used to such sophisticated cinemas around here and the staff there are pretty decent people all polite and respectful! But like still measuring it up to cinemas in Dubai for example it's still nothing size-wise! But like all in all I def advise people going there for a movie its a decent place!
Sarah S.

 December 25, 2013
Very nice place. Better than all other nearby options. Will definitely go there again.
Nannouse R.

 December 23, 2013
Amazing cinemacity I watched a movie at Friday night it was good and all the theater is designed with beautiful gorgeous LED lights espacialy I liked where the VIP section the ceiling changes it's picture every few minutes
Alexandre S.

 December 22, 2013
Leattt T.

 December 22, 2013
theatres are well designed ...and the decoration is beautiful!!