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Batroun, Lebanon


Crepaway acquired a reputation for its quirky menu that includes a famous line of mouthwatering appetizers, salads, crepes, burgers, sandwiches, platters and desserts.

What marks Crepaway is its formula for mixing food and fun in a trendy ambiance, offering guests a variety menu with high quality food standards in a lively, feel-good atmosphere and a hip environment. Accordingly, a light-hearted mood pervades the restaurants, with young trendy waiters, loyal guests and management that engage in the vibrant Crepaway spirit.    facebook    twitter

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22 Reviews for Crepaway Restaurant

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Raw H.

Raw H.   Apprentice Apprentice
 June 18, 2016
Nice new menu...too bad the pics are way tastier to look at on it than what you are served. But it's still way tastier and cheaper than roadster. Love the batroun draft iced tea,only Lipton cans ! Yay
Joseph F.

Joseph F.   
 September 24, 2015
Bad in taking delivery orders 20 min of phone talking for 1 platter
Edmond G.

Edmond G.   Savvy Savvy
 August 21, 2015
Good but pricy...
Francois F.

Amateur   Expert Expert
 May 10, 2015
Always good food! Same great taste and quality as the other branches!
Nathalie R.

 March 28, 2015
Good stufff
Roukoz K.

Roukoz K.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 11, 2014
Regressed so much in the past years I remember when once they had the best diner in town but they're not in the game anymore Food is dry, not so tasty, only recently did they add anything to their 100 year menu Disappointed honestly
Ray ..

Ray .   Apprentice Apprentice
 September 25, 2014
Digest* lol
Cyla J.

Cyla J.   Savvy Savvy
 September 25, 2014
It was better 10 years ago.... Expensive & I get sick from the meal . Hard to degestive it.
Joey S.

Joey S.   
 September 25, 2014
Its a verry good place, the staff are friendly, verry good menu and platters. I love it
Mimi B.

Mimi B.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 28, 2014
not worth it. food is very hard to digest and very oily.
Ryan R.

Ryan R.   Savvy Savvy
 April 16, 2014
The Quarter-Pound is amazing.
Halim T.

Halim T.   Apprentice Apprentice
 September 25, 2013
The Ultimate menu , I mean you can go there if your on a diet and still eat good food , a really good healthy menu . One inconvenience is that the prices rise high every little while
Kathy B.

Kathy B.   
 August 12, 2013
Delicious food,good presentation, quick service and friendly staff I love it
Joumana T.

Joumana T.   Expert Expert
 July 25, 2013
I think the Batroun branch is by far the best Crepaway branch in Lebanon. I've been to 5 others, and Batroun has the best taste, best service, and the best interior design in my opinion. I always feel at home there.
Roy K.

John   Apprentice Apprentice
 March 11, 2013
A tasteless restaurant I had ever's not generous with the portions with unwelcoming waiters.especially in batron
Lea S.

Lea S.   Apprentice Apprentice
 February 24, 2013
Aklo 3ade
Hadi B.

Hadi B.   
 February 2, 2013
You can't leave crepaway if you still hungry.... His plate make me full.
Hiba ..

 September 3, 2012
Great everything!
Leba+J.+ S.

 August 10, 2012
Tres propre
Anonymous User

 July 21, 2012
This is where i had my first lunch with hobi who is now my husband
MicheL Z.

 July 16, 2012
Carl u must've came in a bad night cause Crepaway is by far the best quality food u can get in Batroun (no offense to other kind of restaurants). As for my personal taste, i'd advise u to try: Queen's Burger if you're in to Mushrooms, and...the Steak Sandwich. Oh and Nahcos for sure!! Great service as well, very fun waiters n' waitresses :)
Anonymous User

 June 14, 2012
Didn't like the food at all felt old

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