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Broumana, Lebanon


Crepaway acquired a reputation for its quirky menu that includes a famous line of mouthwatering appetizers, salads, crepes, burgers, sandwiches, platters and desserts.

What marks Crepaway is its formula for mixing food and fun in a trendy ambiance, offering guests a variety menu with high quality food standards in a lively, feel-good atmosphere and a hip environment. Accordingly, a light-hearted mood pervades the restaurants, with young trendy waiters, loyal guests and management that engage in the vibrant Crepaway spirit.    facebook    twitter

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24 Reviews for Crepaway Restaurant

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Tina P.

Tina P.   Savvy Savvy
 July 9, 2016
Waiters are inexperienced, food keeps getting worse!
Alexandre K.

Alexandre K.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 10, 2015
Good service .. More than average food .. Nice place to spend time with fam and friends
Karim D.

Karim D.   
 August 2, 2015
The nachos are dry they mix up orders but the waiters are kind
Mario D.

Mario D.   Savvy Savvy
 July 27, 2015
I like it ! Awesome place friendly and professional staff Very good food !
Shirine R.

Shirine R.   Savvy Savvy
 April 17, 2015
One of my favorite but too bad they removed some tasty items from the menu. Crepe michele is out of this world!
Zeina B.

Zeina B.   
 November 26, 2014
Great place, nice staff, and tasty food especially the Sodeco branch.
Leyla K.

Leyla K.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 26, 2014
Best place to be and to eat .Everything is great snd tasty ...
Anonymous User

C .   
 September 15, 2014
Unsteady service. Unsteady cleanliness. Was definitely better
Louis L.

Louis L.   
 October 19, 2013
Great eat! No comment!
Just C.

Just C.   Savvy Savvy
 September 17, 2013
I am a regular client to crepaway and i like it, but Broumana branch is by far the worst. The garlic bread was worse than everywhere else, the rasta pasta had only uncooked pasta in it, no taste. Waiters seemed not experienced, kept missing my drink.
M B.

M B.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 30, 2013
Best place for crepes
Dimitri+ L.

 August 30, 2013
I personally believe that this restaurant is the best you can find around lebanon with its cleanliness and its various choice of kinds of food and everything... best place ever
Uknown R.

Uknown R.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 26, 2013
Used to be quite good but one time I went there and they refused to turn all the lights on for some reason and the food was cool so
Sarah B.

 August 23, 2013
i actually work there, i had a 3days training in the kitchen and i swear, you can trust em, they work on being super clean and to make their custumors happy and fat!!
Andy H.

Andy H.   
 August 23, 2013
Food is amazing, service is fast, steak sandwich is the best!! ( no onions, no tomatoes :p ) Music is fair
Ralph B.

Ralph B.   Savvy Savvy
 June 22, 2013
One of the oldest crepaways in Lebanon. Quality food and service. Love it!
Martina L.

 October 13, 2012
Best place and best foods and most De salad is good and light there are the best.
Roudy S.

Roudy S.   
 October 12, 2012
Atyab rest <3
Joy ..

Joy ..   
 July 7, 2012
crepeaway broumana .. amazing food, atmosphere,though a bit expensive but worth it sometimes . ive been going there forever!
Anonymous User

 May 22, 2012
A place like home
Jimmy N.

 March 16, 2012
Is the best restaurant I have ever eaten had it is very delicious
Unknown D.

 March 16, 2012
Getting more and more expensive for such small portions
Anonymous User

 March 14, 2012
Very good crepe and salad dinner!
Anonymous User

 February 4, 2012
wonderful best branch ever

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