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Croissant al Farouk

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Khaldeh, Lebanon


If you are looking for a delicious breakfast with a good price, Then Croissant Al Farouk is what you are looking for. We have one of the best delicious and unique tastes of western croissant with variety of fillings. We have croissant with different fillings cheese, chocolate, thyme, martadela with cheese, pizza, cheese with olive, corn with cheese.
For Sweets we also have the original American Donuts, and the German Berlina Donuts with different fillings, the American cupcake, and the traditional American Brownie.
For events we even do special mini Croissant with different filling, and mini Donuts
Our Specialty if requested the combo Family Croissant that can feed 5 - 10 people according to your request.

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Croissant al Farouk

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