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Cyberia Transmog Inc.

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Hamra st, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

+961-1-744101 | +961-1-744102 | +961-4-727575

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Hady H.

Hady H.   
 November 2, 2013
Well done mostafa ! They are thieves they say that after 11 pm it is free but its is bullshit ! Once i had a fight with them on phone , i called on the second day asking why the connection is so slow at night the guy checked my account and said sir as it is free after 11 pm there is a 5 gb limit policy within the month and u crossed that limit so ur connection automaticly switch to half speed till during the free offered hours and back to normal within the normal charged hours ! Just to know my account was 4 mb so if it splits to a half speed it would be 2 mb !!!! And what i was getting not even 256 kbps! Finally the connection always off at night that times was exception i just use it through the day .
Mostafa G.

Mostafa G.   Savvy Savvy
 October 16, 2013
Higher prices than competitors and slower internet. Why does this company continue running despite all this ? Also the unlimited internet after 11 is only a marketing gimmick the speed is much much slower can't even watch a 240p YouTube video. In other arab countries such as Saudi Arabia the internet there is at least 20 Mbps and everything is unlimited all the time for half of the price you pay here. The service there is much better. When you call them they actually answer the phone. The internet here stops functioning for no reason although the DSL cables are correctly plugged in. Everything here is a rip off and you can not do anything about it. We are in 2014 !!! In many places around the world the internet speed is at least 100mbps and here in Lebanon you are considered in a different world, where money overcomes the priority of a good service
Anonymous User

 September 25, 2012
if possible answer phone bcz if we have problem we're trying too much nobody answer to solve our problem so next day we're urged to visit cyberia office

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