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Diarna al Khadra

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3.9 8
 8 ratings


Nabeh el Safa, Ain Zhalta, Lebanon


Diarna al Khadra restaurant

7 Reviews for Diarna al Khadra Restaurant

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Rami Y.

Rami Y.   Apprentice Apprentice
 July 8, 2015
One of the best restaurants in the area.
Nour A.

Nour A.   
 September 14, 2014
Wonderful...fantastic food, amazing service..great prices...generous people..highly recommended
Zeina Z.

Zeina Z.   
 September 20, 2013
We visited the restaurant today my husband and I and we loved it. They are very generous, the food is amazing and the fresh breeze from the flowing river is so unique. Really worth the visit. Prices are ok (80,000lbp for two no arguileh). we were also offered free fruits and this lovely rose jam by the end of our lunch. we had a stroll outside along the street and bought some lovely fresh fruits and rose jam of course. highly recommended.
John D.

John D.   
 September 15, 2013
The place was very good actually, better than we expected.. the food is great, very generous, prices were acceptable, they even offered us fruit at the end without asking for it and for free.. I would recommend this place easily..
Jad O.

Jad   Savvy Savvy
 June 23, 2013
Not so good
Anonymous User

 June 17, 2013
I dt like it
Haddad M.

 September 14, 2012
great restaurant !! the food is perfect and the service is exceptional !!

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