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Fanar, Jdeideh, Beirut, Lebanon

+961-1-893300 | +961-3-121515

Don Castillo restaurant

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Michel A.

Michel A.   
 May 4, 2018
Don castillo jounieh, in a wedding mech edrin ydawro l AC w ma fina nefta7 l chebbek, baddoun ye2etlouna 3ade W kel chwey bi2ouloulna awwayne, wlek ma testahblo l 3alam!!!!!!! Customer service "0"
Jansen M.

Jansen M.   
 September 4, 2015
Maamelten branch : piscine mejwiyye araf la2atet microbe ekhir marra, hotto clore ma bt mouto mn l jou3. Daraj bel piscine maksoura sarla shahren w ma bt zabtuwa, akel m3affan kl shi m2rfe 3ndkun :)
Blondy+ B.

Blondy+ B.   Expert Expert
 March 13, 2015
Good service. Delicious food....
Lynn K.

Lynn K.   
 March 12, 2015
Last night I was invited to Don Castillo jounieh and I would really love to share with you my extraordinary experience I've been visiting a lot of restaurants since I moved to Lebanon but never had such a friendly service and tasty food. Especially when it comes to the waiters I've never seen someone as professional as the 2 guys who welcomed me. I was excited to write this review in order to congratulate the owner and the training manager who trained this restaurant s staff. Keep up the good work :)
Joseph+ C.

 March 11, 2015
Best service best staff best manager clean and tasty food like don castillo number 1 restsurant.
Marino M.

Marino   Savvy Savvy
 March 9, 2015
Terrible. Just terrible experience.
Lucy K.

Lucy K.   
 March 8, 2015
0 star! I had a wedding in their Jounieh branch yesterday and the waiters and management were so unprofessional! First they accused me of stealing a charger and when explaining to one of the waiters where the charger is another waiter jumped in and started telling me to go to my place ( I didn't know I was in the class). I didn't wanna cause a scene, I went to my seat and called an older waiter. The waiter refused to answer me and shook his head. Later he came. I politely asked him for his name he refused to give it to me and told me that it's none of my business! I'm in a customer service field and this is the first time I see such an unprofessional service!! I was shocked. I told him is this they way they taught you to speak to your customers and he started laughing! I told him I want to report a waiter and I asked him to tell his management about it. He went to his place and did nothing. Later on I asked the manager to come over. He said his name is Antoine- but after what already happened I don't know what to believe anymore. I reported both of the waiters- and his answer was shocking. He said the second waiter refused to give me his name because he is married and he was afraid that I will be hitting on him! When he said that my eyes were wide open because I wasn't believing what I was hearing! I was like are you serious I wasn't born yesterday. Stop giving stupid excuses in order to defend your employees, instead go teach them how to be real waiters. When I told him that the waiters are so unprofessional, rude and mean, he said" listen I've been working since morning, I don't feel like hearing people nagging. And please just shut up for the sake of the newly weds". This is the first time a restaurant manager speaks to me like this. I've see. Bad management before, but don castillos management is the worse till now. They don't know Nothing about customer service, and they treat their customers as they're beggars. After which, I asked him for a comment card, he left and never came back. While leaving the restaurant, I was waiting for the elevator. A guy with a suit said, I was waiting for this moment the whole night, yalla khalsine ba2a felle! When I asked him to introduce himself he said ana moudir el sale. I was very nice to all of them the whole night and I didn't wanna cause a scene during the wedding. But after this manager said that I couldn't just shut up. I told him your whole team is low, and you need to work on you service and customer service skills cause obviously you don't any. He was like shut up, jeyetle wahde 3omra 20 sene tnazzir 3aleye. I've never experienced such a bad service like this before. 2 of the waiters were so rude, and the 2 managers were so disrespectful. I am 27 and I work as a customer service specialist. The first rule in the CS field is the customer is always right- I think DonCastillo should work on teaching its employees how to be real waiters and managers and how to respect customers and answer to their needs and listen to what they have to say without telling them I don't have time for you or who are you to tell us what to do. I uploaded the pic of the waiter who refused to give me his name. I hope that this reaches the owner, because I am sure he is unaware of what's going on In his restaurant and losing so many customers because of this. Not recommended at all!
Francois F.

Amateur   Expert Expert
 December 16, 2014
Good welcoming. Good atmosphere. Fair prices. Good food. Great events.
Michel A.

Michel A.   
 November 17, 2014
Clean.Delicious and Very TasTy Food , And A Good service , I Like It !
Nora S.

Nora S.   Expert Expert
 October 5, 2014
Well the food is barely average.. hated the ambience. . If ur into oriental music thing you might enjoy it...
Hady ..

Hady   Apprentice Apprentice
 July 5, 2014
Zbelehhhhhhh Specialyy when it come to quantityyyyy OMG sahen homos , labneh ....... max 4 lahset w bikoun fode l sahen Binazzel sahen l batata fi chi 12 habbe !!!!!! Bet2adouwa alll night plz rja3 jeble x....y......z......
Joe Charbel A.

 March 27, 2014
Ktir bakhilll
Red R.

 March 22, 2014
Daniel S.

Daniel S.   Savvy Savvy
 January 25, 2014
Not bad, clean food
Gilbert H.

 September 2, 2013
very good place, tasty food and the ambiance is fantastic. awsome one man show romeoooooooo goooooo
Toufic B.

Toufic B.   
 August 10, 2013
Clean, delicious and a good service.. i like...
Hala A.

Hala A.   Savvy Savvy
 May 30, 2013
Delicious and clean ..
Anonymous User

 September 29, 2012
its a very nice place i like the desing they do an there food is very nice
Georges B.

 April 16, 2012
Tasty and Delicious
Kevin A.

 April 16, 2012
Poor service and not very tasty
Anonymous User

 April 12, 2012
Poor service
Rodan1234 A.

 February 19, 2012
i trust don castillo because its clean and delicious
Anonymous User

 December 9, 2011
Delicious and clean

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