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Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon


Fitness Zone is Lebanon’s premier health and fitness facility.

The quality of our facilities, our customer service, and group exercise and gym programming, are of the highest level. Our equipment maintenance and cleanliness are also unsurpassed.

The Gym
Outstanding fully air-conditioned gym
Cutting edge fitness equipment
Great facilities
Friendly helpful staff
Wide variety of fitness programs
The Gym-Equipment
Cardiovascular and aerobic stations
Weight machines, Treadmills, Rowers, Cross trainers, …
Power Plates
Dedicated warm up and stretch facility
Personal Training area for your qualified trainers.

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Fitness Zone

14 Reviews for Fitness Zone

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Julia M.

Julia M.   
 June 16, 2019
I had an offer this month from Fitness Zone Beirut- Verdun. The offer she gave me was 213 dollars covering half of the month of May 2019 & the whole month of June including the registration fee. When my mother went to fitness zone to pay for me the fee that I have agreed on with the employee , ON THE VERY SAME DAY, they deducted $365 from her visa card instead of the $213 that I have agreed on in my meeting with the employee earlier during the same day. When I confronted them later & asked for an explanation regarding that, they started manipulating and told me that this is the package & that they were not able to do it for less. I was shocked & wondered that how can a package change that quickly & increase from 213 dollars to 365 dollars for the same privileges that we’ve agreed on, WITH NO EXTRA PRIVILEGES added for the package & within the same day! I told them that this offer does not suit me in that way & it’s beyond my budget. & I no longer want this enrollment because I was literally deceived and I asked for a refund. Unfortunately, They refused bluntly. Now my money is gone & I didn’t even use the gym. Such an act is deceptive and unprofessional and doesn’t reflect a decent & honest image for Fitness Zone gym nor does it reflect a good business plan for them. The management that I’ve dealt with in fitness zone Beirut- verdun Branch are dishonest, stingy & greedy people. I would never attend or recommend this GYM again to anyone.
Dado D.

Dado D.   
 January 14, 2017
The worst gym ever,complicated ,rules,a lot of rules Tennis court 45min...just 3 days for members Different prices ...liars about the price... Bullshitting ! This is a gym not a rocket science laboratory!
Ali K.

Ali K.   Apprentice Apprentice
 March 10, 2016
Very nice facility. Coaches and staff are very professional and friendly. Location in hamra kinda sucks though, although this is a subjective opinion depending on one's preferences.
Marwan S.

Marwan S.   Savvy Savvy
 December 29, 2014
Its overpriced but u cant argue with that considering its strategic expensive location, if you want to have a good experience here you have to pay for everything including for the attention of the trainers.
Asem A.

Asem A.   Savvy Savvy
 September 6, 2014
Good things: It's a clean sport club and it's located in a strategic place in Hamra. Bad things: The trainers do not pay attention until you pay for personal training.
Layla H.

Layla H.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 25, 2014
Worst experience They dont put enough attention to u unless u register with a private trainer although they paid a lot on machinery equipments and decoration I paid a lot of money for nothing
Abed K.

Abed K.   
 July 16, 2014
Loving the body pump classes
Beyhan A.

Beyhan A.   
 September 4, 2013
The most amazing classes with the best atmosphere. (its price is a very overpriced though)
Joe N.

Joe N.   
 April 21, 2013
Best club ever !!
Anonymous User

H K.   
 April 4, 2013
The worst gym experince i ever had , hazmieh branch always water pool is out of order no hot water jacuzzi is off too better get out of business
Batoul J.

 October 24, 2012
The other branch in hazmieh is much more amazing!!!
Moody M.

Moody M.   
 September 20, 2012
best stuff, atmosphere, classes,,,
Anonymous User

 March 9, 2012
Amazing gym
Anonymous User

 March 7, 2012
The only health club you need

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