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Galerie Semaan, Hazmieh, Lebanon

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Circuit Empire:

The Mercy

Adventure, Biography, Drama
Qalb Ommah

Hindi, Comedy
Alpha 3D

Adventure, Drama, Family
Meenak Inta

Lebanese, Action, Romance
The Equalizer 2

Action, Crime, Thriller
Duck Duck Goose

Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family

El Badla

Action, Comedy

49 Reviews for Galaxy

Yasma M.

 February 27, 2018
Bonjour je suis en route je suis en voiture je suis en retard je suis en bas de la maison je suis en
Leya H.

 August 14, 2016
how much does the ticket costs and the popcorn tell me tommorow iam gonna go and is there movies gonna be in your cinema like equals bfg and alot more plz answer me
Ralph M.

 July 21, 2016
Great cinema
Majid E.

 April 5, 2016
Cool place. Cheap ticket prices, but small theaters
Said H.

 March 24, 2016
Used to love it before but recently the staff on the ticketing are so mean and not helpful at all.. Don't recommend it
Salam P.

 January 2, 2016
Worst place to watch a movie or even to go to
X ..

 October 18, 2015
Okay I like this cinema but Planete Abraj is so better so im gonna give 3 stars . Enjoy the movies guys.
Hassan J.

 April 26, 2015
It s good but could be better !
Nour V.

 April 8, 2015
It is an amazing cinema I love it and the staff on the ticketing court very helpful after 9:00pm and I love the food there the snacks and everything . A.K.A : dont blame them for the noisy cinema rooms cause it is all cause of the people that watch they keep on talking and talking .
Fares B.

 February 23, 2015
Not so bad
Serge R.

 January 31, 2015
Most uncomfortable seats in Lebanese cinemas. But the movies on show are always the best. And the prices are ok. Usually not very crowded
Al K.

 January 15, 2015
Become worst when managed by Grand cinemas. No new movies . No popcorn . Silly service but with low prices.
Salim S.

 September 27, 2014
Movie time
Abbas F.

 August 27, 2014
Usually empty Old
Vouvita R.

 August 27, 2014
its not that fancyyy.. but its cheap... cool stafff.. the supermarkett is right down stairss and u can buy whatever u desiree andd bringing it insidee and enjoy them whilee whatchingg ur favoritee moviee., itss a cooll placee to hang outt...♥♥
Marie-joe C.

 August 15, 2014
Need renovation compared to the other cinemas but cheaper. Go there if you want to save money
Dahlia J.

 August 8, 2014
Worst cinema ever. Had to go here since it was the only place showing the movie I wanted but wish I didn't! Being a regular at Vox I couldn't believe how terrible galaxy is! The seats are all broken & from 50 years ago! Needs renovation now! Avoid it!
Ibrahim C.

 July 5, 2014
Needs major renovation. Extremely empty. Most stores there are not very common.
Roger M.

 May 17, 2014
Pop corn arn't goodand times of the films are not good.
Elie D.

 February 15, 2014
Fouad A.

 January 5, 2014
I was there minutes ago with my friends watching BEBE and its my first time, the staff are friendly and helpful, the prices are veryyy affordable bl nesbe la gher matareh, the seats are ok and the salle is huge. So i advice u all to go and try it u will feel comfy for sure...
Dana B.

 January 5, 2014
Lol yea this place have definitely changed since 10 years ago! Filled with cheap ass people ruining shit.. sorry but true! Same as to Concord.
Lolli H.

 November 23, 2013
Why is romeo nd julliet gone so fast ?!
Mira J.

 November 21, 2013
Bebe bijanen ktr habytooo bravu go on....
Nelly F.

 November 3, 2013
They forgot to turn the movie on :))) The staff is so lazy and the seats are unconfortable!!!
Hani M.

 October 16, 2013
Grate place to watch movies :D
Francois F.

 September 23, 2013
Always having bad experience there! Last time they forgot to put the movie on!!! Unconfortable seats!!!...
Charbel N.

 September 23, 2013
Bad service , bad theatres , reasonable prices though
El Cheikh C.

 September 12, 2013
Eno Film 7elwe Ktir W Kezzebe ?! La Kam Sene Be2e Ba3d ?!
Gaelle A.

 September 10, 2013
Great i love it !!
Hussein I.

 August 19, 2013
When the company of the symbol of "G" took over from the previous one, this theatre has unfortunately gone from bad to worse. People coming from neighborhood areas have no manners. You wouldn't enjoy watching any types of movies whilst others talking loudly. ..many times talking over their mobiles even loudly. It is a theatre destination for such a people. ...The managers care less to handle such a problem. Therefore I don't recommend this theatre.
Hsen K.

 August 7, 2013
Over calm cinema, so small ,yet the staff are loving, and the tickets are cheap :D
Hussein H.

 July 2, 2013
Really the best cinema!
Hadi A.

 June 29, 2013
Nice place to hang out and a goos choice to watch a movie !!
Dany+ G.

 June 15, 2013
very small cinima!!!
Anonymous User

 May 28, 2013
Nice cosy place to hang out, it's true that it doesn't match to other huge cinemas across Lebanon still I'd choose it every time. Even though the seats might be uncomfortable to some people The tickets are considered cheap compared to other cinemas, staff is welcoming and hospitable!! Overall a very good choice to watch a movie
Lulu B.

 May 14, 2013
Very small
Anonymous User

 March 31, 2013
Best cinema in ejre hahaha
Ahmad B.

 March 23, 2013
its nice cinemaaa but it cost!!!
Anonymous User

 February 19, 2013
Alright. I enjoy going there since it's not as crowded as other cinemas.
Anonymous User

 February 16, 2013
Best cinema ever
Moudi T.

 January 30, 2013
Nice theaters wow ;)
Marc T.

 January 30, 2013
Very bad management!Seats unconfortable.....
Hadi O.

 January 22, 2013
Small theaters and too crowded
Haidar M.

 December 27, 2012
best place for movies!
Rit%27a S.

 December 16, 2012
Very boring. I expected much much more after watching the trailer. Disappointed.
Karim S.

 October 20, 2012
Very Nice place, I Love it
Alex H.

 August 28, 2012
Excellent place for watching movies.
Mohamed A.

 May 25, 2012
very nice place in lebanon