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Sarba, Jounieh, Lebanon

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26 Reviews for Habana Restaurant

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George I.

George I.   
 March 25, 2016
I am a regular at Habana, not that I love the place but because it is because of the limited options of descent restaurants in the Jounieh area. Good surroundings, acceptable food, though well overpriced
A M.

A M.   Expert Expert
 February 8, 2016
Habana is an iconic place for an early cap, late cap, mexican food, and fantastic marguerita.
Al M.

Al M.   
 December 3, 2015
I'm a red-blooded American and I say f@#k Habana in it's goat a$$ for bad service.
Amira H.

Amira H.   
 June 7, 2015
So we went yesterday and enjoyed our food. It was really delicious but they can work on the portion...and the prices! The prices are a bit too expensive, a bottle of water for 8$ (seriously?!??), an additional cheddar cheese dip for 3$, to upgrade ur beer to Mexican (add lemon juice and salt) you pay an extra charge that is clearly stated on your bill... Add to this, the waiters are really rude! Never again!
George T.

Georges   Apprentice Apprentice
 May 14, 2015
gd svc i took a mojito it was gr8..would go again
Lanloun K.

Lanloun K.   Savvy Savvy
 April 26, 2015
A great place to hang out specially in the winter.
Rony H.

Ron   Savvy Savvy
 April 26, 2015
Nice place to go for mexican food. Cool music. Not a big variety of food yet delicious.
Senastien S.

 April 10, 2015
Great Place,food Soo Delicious, Drinks Awesome!!! Habana is A Legend!!!
Blondy+ B.

Blondy+ B.   Expert Expert
 January 26, 2015
I went just one time not bad place
Lou L.

Lou L.   Savvy Savvy
 January 26, 2015
Very nice place. Tasty food . Nice music
Sami I.

Sami I.   
 January 25, 2015
Very nice place and the food taste is very good. However the portion is small.
Tiger M.

Joe A.   
 January 8, 2015
Best Place
M. S.

M. S.   Expert Expert
 December 13, 2014
An everlasting success story. Trendy, in, and always up for a good experience. Drinks and food, never been disappointed though been going there for years.
Cynthia J.

 November 23, 2014
Worst place ever (rude valet, what a wine! , music so loud...and much more to say)
Chadi Z.

Chadi Z.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 24, 2014
Food portions are generous and fajitas not bad. Service speed was fine but the waiters not always attentive. The frozen margaritas could use some improvement... At the end the music got a bit louder. Price is what it is in most reputable mexican restaurants... Not exactly cheap... All in all, Habana was ok yesterday, not 5 stars though.
Gio H.

Gio H.   Savvy Savvy
 April 15, 2014
Lovely place & food. Tooo much expensive . Quality used to be better. They have to reconsider their menu & their prices . Its in lebanon not italy !!!
Sevag Y.

Sevag Y.   Apprentice Apprentice
 April 5, 2014
Though there are few mexican restaurants in lebanon, this one is the best.
Michel T.

Michel T.   
 April 5, 2014
the best mexican restaurant in Lebanon
Rick B.

Rick   Savvy Savvy
 February 21, 2014
I changed my empty at 21:00...half an hour for a fajitas...half an hour to get extra bread... hmmmmmm..this ain t good guys... i guess this is our last trip to to HABANA...
Souhad G.

Souhad G.   
 February 16, 2014
The best best bad place ever , to much expensive and bad food , old decoration poor service, they don't serve Mexican food they serve tortilla chips 'master chips ' with a little tartar sauce as appetiser, they don't serve any kind of nuts with drink even that we paid 455000 LBP for nothing ... We will never return again .
Rodrigue J.

Rodrigue J.   Apprentice Apprentice
 July 13, 2013
Nice place , delicious food ,the interior is gr8 , the food and its presentation are awesome .
Vince F.

Vince F   Savvy Savvy
 June 19, 2013
Simply the best
Dany C.

 May 26, 2013
A really nice mecican restaurant. The music is good and u would enjoy having a drink with ur friends. The food is expensive.
Alain A.

Alain A.   
 December 15, 2012
Excellent and a classy restaurant as if we're in mexico latino night enjoyyyu
Anonymous User

Anonymous User   
 March 25, 2012
Wooooorrrssssttttt restaurant ever don't you ever go bad service the food isn't even spicy and also it is soooooo expensive and also the bad thing is that you sit on a seat of a school or a church also to close the toilet you have to push on a nail !!!!!! We don't have keys in Lebanon ????
Anonymous User

Joey & Nadine   
 August 10, 2011
A very fine mexican restaurant which I would recommend to anyone! We had there some beef quesadillas for starters and they tasted like heaven! The quality of the beef is incredible. Main course was the classic beef fajitas which where also served neatly and were cooked to perfection. The frozen maragarita wasn't 5 stars but ok nevertheless (could use a better ice blender). 5 stars overall!

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