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Ichiban Express

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Ibrahim Abdel El Aal St, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon


Ichiban Express brings you best quality Japanese food in a friendly environment. Whether you're looking for a quick meal break or sushi delivery to your doorstep, freshness is always guaranteed.    facebook    twitter

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Ichiban Express restaurant

11 Reviews for Ichiban Express Restaurant

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Caroline A.

 March 19, 2017
Delivery is officially a 0/10! Took more than 1 h to arrive and the order was missing 2 sets so I called back and they told me they could contact me as soon as they've investigated the problem. Never got a call back so i phoned 30 mins later. Sushi is tasty but forget about having it delivered.
Mays Z.

Mays Z.   Savvy Savvy
 December 20, 2015
Yummy !! I Recommend it is relatively cheap compared to other sushi places
Hanan E.

Hanan E.   
 December 13, 2015
Good atmosphere and staff Salmon is not fresh! Its the worst so far for me Maki's are good and yummy Pieces are large and prices are good .
Nadine A.

Nadine A.   Savvy Savvy
 November 29, 2015
They have interesting sushi fusion and amazing decoration for each plate. The taste is excellent. The special sauce are delicious and the staff is friendly. The setting though is not appealing.
Farah S.

Farah S.   
 July 28, 2015
Affordable sushi, though very bad taste
Nada S.

Nada S.   
 March 28, 2015
best sushi in town. best service. best atmosphere
Yazz M.

Yazz M.   
 March 28, 2015
food quality excellent i cant have enough of it yummyy♡♡ ichiban have the most delicious sushi i ever tasted keep it up
Myriam R.

Myriam R.   
 March 28, 2015
Verry delicious food
Marwan+ S.

Marwan S.   Apprentice Apprentice
 October 25, 2014
The food is great has plenty of different types of sushi that you dont usually see in any other restaurants, but the staff isnt good at all. Only one waiter is present in the restaurant with very bad manners apparently ichiban doesn't care about who the waiters are when hiring their employees. Its sad because so much potential for this restaurant and amazing food. Yet the poor service and manners ruin your meal. My advice just settle for ordering a delivery way better than going to the restaurant.
Ram A.

Ram A.   Savvy Savvy
 September 4, 2014
Ghost town ( i live closeby and never spotted a human being inside) I dont know how they r still open I tried it once and found sushi affordable I ordered delivery ( the driver had a fight with concierge) then boss called and caused a big problem to security on our building just which was crazy !
Nour N.

Nour N.   
 July 31, 2014
Very tasty with affordable prices. The staff are friendly. The setting is ok.

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