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Bsabina, Batroun, Lebanon

+961-71-631613 | Head-office:+961-9-210023

IXSIR is a Lebanese wine, our winery is located just outside Batroun.

IXSIR cultivates its wine grapes in several different zones, including Batroun in the North, Jezzine in the South, and the Bekaa Valley in the East.

IXSIR produces a wide spectrum of grape varieties, from Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Tempranillo, Caladoc, and Viognier, Muscat (grape and wine), Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Semillon.

IXSIR means [elixir] in Arabic (Al-Ikseer), and in Greek (IKSIR), which is usually a potion guaranteeing eternal life, as well as a mixture intended to cure ones ills.

Historically, Arabs have given names to wine denoting medicinal attributes, such as: Al Teriaqa, which means [a medicine that cures from worries], and was also called Ixsir at a certain period of time because, according to them, it was a magical potion that gave longevity.

Elixirs are known to be well-kept secret recipes and essences, and this reinforces IXSIR Unique Selling Proposition: Revealing the secret essence of the best terroirs of Lebanon.    facebook    twitter

Ixsir Winery

5 Reviews for Ixsir Winery

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Louna K.

Louna K.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 4, 2016
Overated . Let's start with the buffet the cold starter half of it bala t3ameh like mhammarah . Falafel. 2 massive bowls of Fatoush. Beetroot. batata masslouka ??!!! M3akoul.wa something look like lebanese omelette. Hot food beef pie riz and another lamp with carry and it looks really black.tiny kafta 3arsyess tasteless. Tawook and Lahme mshwiye and tasteless. Inno walawww 2 weeks booking in advance 3ala this buffet???! The only thing that I liked is sitting having lunch in the middle if the nature...there is no gazon the tables has been set on bahhass ....and about the winnery tour the CS girl was good but i was expecting too see more astonishing things..thank u
Charbel A.

 July 31, 2016
Positives: very good buffet. The food taste is excellent and there is a lot of variety in the desert. Dont forget the wine, It is tasty. Negatives: the sevice is not good. A Water bottle (1.5litre soha) costs 6000. If you plan to go out to ixsir with your little kids, it is worth to think about it twice. The place is not equipped for them. Overall: the place is expensive, there are other places in the region at 50$ per person, but with better service.
Bassam H.

Bassam H.   
 June 19, 2015
Right now Im having lunch there. I like the place so quiet nice atmosphere nice view the weather is perfect the food is delicious
Joud K.

Joud K.   
 June 3, 2015
We went to ixsir on June 2nd. It was slow at the winery. The guide was very gracious and informed. She showed us around, and was generous with the wine tasting. The winery has only been around since 2008 so fairly new. The best part I thought was the view, marvelous location and driving up towards the winery was breathtaking. Overall we enjoyed the service.
Céline S.

Céline S.   Savvy Savvy
 January 12, 2015
The tour is great and well informing. The wine tasting part could be made better with more details about how to taste and what we're tasting. I don't know if it was rushed because the lunch buffet was about to start. Now for the lunch buffet: great food taste, great food variation, GREAT wine, and the dessert buffet was varied, delicious and satisfying. 5 stars to the restaurant experience.

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