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Jisr Rachiine Restaurant

Lebanese Restaurants in Lebanon

3.8 11
 11 ratings


Rachiine, Zghorta, Lebanon

+961-6-668266 | +961-3-338233

4 Reviews for Jisr Rachiine Restaurant

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Jay+ S.

Jay S.   
 September 2, 2013
One of the best places available to be proud of and take the family or even a gf, not. Too expensive, nice view, music is gr8 Sundays, gr8 service too
Anonymous User

 July 22, 2012
very very very nice
Mona K.

Mona K   
 May 13, 2012
best in town
Anonymous User

Johnnie Kodayssie   
 April 12, 2012
the best in town

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