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KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken ) restaurant

13 Reviews for KFC Restaurant

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Elie L.

Elie L.   
 March 31, 2015
If I could give zero stars I would have done that. I was in a hurry and thought to myself that drive thru is my best bet but I was mistaken. First of all, where I placed the order and picked up the order was at the same window, therefore I had to wait for the customer ahead of me to finish placing his endless order then wait for the lady to pack all his stuff. When she finished she finally asked me what I needed; when I was about to tell her, the costumer that she served few seconds before turned back at her and told her that he forgot something and that he wants to order more stuff, surprisingly she was willing to serve him and I had to make a fuss about it in order to convince her that if he needs to place another order then he has to wait back in line since his turn is finished. I ended up waiting for at least 25 minutes for me to place my order therefor it was a lot easier and faster if I ate comfortably inside..
Anonymous User

Tsar L.   
 October 20, 2014
It's ok, as long as you expecting ME KFC.
Leila O.

Leila O.   
 October 20, 2014
Very dirty and not delicious at all...
Abdullah H.

 October 19, 2014
Yummy but overpriced!
Pierre+dak ..

Pierre Dak ..   Apprentice Apprentice
 April 17, 2014
Zero.... Small portions ,dirty , rude boss...7aseit 7aleh bi se7it l samak...
Sam M.

Sam M.   
 April 6, 2014
Its back ;)
Anonymous User

Null N.   Apprentice Apprentice
 December 17, 2013
R.I.P amazingly Tripoli branch is better than the one in sassine
Le G.

Le G.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 15, 2013
Saddly 7ara2ou!!!
Leba+J.+ S.

 August 10, 2012
J ai pas aimmer
Edward K.

 July 17, 2012
KFC = Ken Fi Chicken , Missing that old amazing taste of chicken :'(
Joseph D.

 June 20, 2012
Good food for fast launch but very bad ambiance always ask for delivery, take away or drive thru
Toni S.

Toni S   
 May 19, 2012
Disgusting. Used to be better
Anonymous User

G. S.    
 April 5, 2012
I think malaria started there

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