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La Regina

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2.3 18
 18 ratings


Zebdine, Nabatiyeh, Lebanon


5 Reviews for La Regina Restaurant

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Real A.

Real A.   
 January 11, 2015
Ghalwaji w ba5il!
Ali H.

Ali H.   
 July 26, 2014
Very bad restaurant , very bad treatment , very bad serving , and high price regarding to its location , and for the argile, when u order second Ras for it you will pay the same price as you paid when u ordered the first time , And supppppppper bakhil sa7eb il mat3am
Nour C.

Nour C   
 August 6, 2012
The pasta was good but we found a hair in a plate once.
Anonymous User

 February 29, 2012
MA TAYEB yrou7 ysaker tolo3le cha3ra bl akellll
Anonymous User

 February 29, 2012
aklooo ma tayebbbbb w mou3amale ma mni7a wl batata 3alaya chi aswad sa2alet el waiter ale hayda bhar wl chiken sub kenet naye anjadd araf lal maximum

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