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Las Salinas Enfeh

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Enfeh, Shekka, Chekka, Lebanon

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48 Reviews for Las Salinas Enfeh

Habib G.

 June 16, 2018
the ticket ladies are kind of unproffesional and they deppress the living shit out of you, theatre js great with a lot of space, snacks overpriced.
Anonymous User

 June 22, 2017
It’s a decent cinema. Snacks (especially popcorn) are way overpriced.
Anonymous User

 March 31, 2016
Very very nice place to enjoy at night wow
Dalia T.

 December 30, 2015
I like the space and the offered services of arcade and bowling. The movie theater isn't bad compared to the north's theaters.
Anonymous User

 October 16, 2015
Carla C.

 September 17, 2015
Wish I can put less than a star.
William J.

 September 16, 2015
Shittiest cinema venue in lebanon
Yvonne K.

 March 27, 2015
The screen in theatre 3 has a big black line running through it that ruins the movie. It was a very unpleasant experience that needs changing. Also, Las increased their ticket prices over the last couple of years yet did not make the experience any better for the viewer. The seats should be changed as many are ripped and there should at least be cup holders. I really hope these things get fixed and I'm sure many people agree with me!
Evitta A.

 March 10, 2015
On 5 april 2015, I went to Las Salinas to watch Fast & Furious 2. All the places were taken ! The receptionist said that there are 15 empty chairs, and people leave them blank or put their bags and jackets on them. Enno ya bte23do 7asab l ticket ya ma bte23do ! Shu hayda
Fares B.

 February 23, 2015
Bad cinema
Saro F.

 February 23, 2015
Very bad surround system in theater 1 and 2.
Serge R.

 January 31, 2015
One of the coolest cinemas. If I wasn't living in Beirut, I would never consider any other movie theater.
Wiam H.

 January 13, 2015
We need cheese popcorn please
Atef S.

 November 1, 2014
Very nice and professional
Eli F.

 September 17, 2014
not bad at all, but they need to increase the available movies' number, and the room 1 is very huge exept its screen that could be extended
Toninaaaaa T.

 September 8, 2014
Soooo amazing ! Love it
Youssef Y.

 May 25, 2014
Uhhh.... Best ever
Jad+ F.

 May 19, 2014
Good place. Limited number of movies, but an overall great experience!
Joe N.

 May 14, 2014
A great place with bowling and a huge pool and a great beach . A really great place to be ( always )
Rony A.

 April 25, 2014
We need brick mansions
Sam M.

 April 6, 2014
Great As Usual
Anonymous User

 March 25, 2014
A great cinema!!
Estephan B.

 March 24, 2014
I love it but you need to update your more frequently :l
Joseph S.

 March 19, 2014
Salle1: best in the house, especially're sitting right in the middle.of.the hall. 2: the arcade room is right next to it, so watching a scary movie tgere is a bad choice. 3: the screen has a defevtive black line that MUST be fixed 4: small yet best audio surround. arcade: good renovations recently popcorn is good, tacos are great
Charbel W.

 March 15, 2014
it is a very lovely place, and so good for families and very well secure, and just try it, you will not regret. the best in the north.
Letithia C.

 January 31, 2014
El benet 3al reception is always on her phone w bet jeweb bi tari2a bech3a ... The screen manzou3a bi wahde men el room ...
R N.

 January 30, 2014
Very quiet place with 4 theaters only, no need to book tickets in advance.
Mohamad A.

 January 17, 2014
It's perfect
Bilal H.

 December 29, 2013
Good theater in a great resort
Manal F.

 November 23, 2013
Love the place. Can be better. Hated the small theatre.
Dimitry Y.

 November 3, 2013
Very low number of movies..they only choose 4 movies to be played. Also they have only 1 confortable screen which in room nb1! The 3 others are very small, like sitting in a 1 meter box!
Paula S.

 September 29, 2013
:| i wanted more like 10 movies the box office but thoes 4 or 5 movies are good try to add more
Halim T.

 September 23, 2013
Not the best movie experience , but with such good prices, no person in north lebanon can complain about this theatre
Danielle M.

 September 5, 2013
Cinema #3 has some weird lines coming down the left sides. It makes it very hard to watch the movie in peace.
Hala S.

 September 1, 2013
#3 has two weird lines coming down the left half of the screen. Two days ago, I took my little brother to Turbo in Cinema 4. The walls aren't sound proof and we could hear thr arcade games and the One Direction movie from Cinema 3. Some seats were torn, and when they started playing previews. I remember clearly that the first preview was for Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters, and there was only sound without an image. I told the guy outside, and it took them over 30 minutes to fix the movie. It wasn't the first time this happened because earlier in July, while watching White House Down, the same thing happened and they took 45 minutes to fix it.
Tania K.

 August 31, 2013
Tonight 13/09/2013 the sound at the end of the movie was cut in cinema 3, this is not acceptable, written by someone who records sound!!!!!!
Anonymous User

 August 30, 2013
One of the best cinemas
Anonymous User

 August 12, 2013
Red 2 great film
Joumana T.

 July 25, 2013
They keep raising the prices but at least we're seeing some improvements. There are new couches, but they don't go well at all with the color of the floor and the walls. The cinema #3 screen has an annoying shadow or a straight line of dirt on it, I wish they'd remove that. Cinemas #4 and #2 also have something annoying about them; sounds from the arcade sometimes come through the walls. The nachos and popcorn are delicious. I don't always like their movie choice or how fast they remove some of the movies. It's still the best cinema in the area though.
Jennifer J.

 June 2, 2013
The employee sold my friends and I the tickets to a movie. She later took them back because she figured out we were underage after asking of we were 18. We are 13. other than that they are pretty good.
Michel J.

 May 30, 2013
Best cinemas ever but need some expand
Claude M.

 February 28, 2013
Mama is the best horror movie ever
Anonymous User

 February 26, 2013
Verry gd cinema....
Majd D.

 January 29, 2013
I live in las I am born there and when I was 3 I started watching grand cinemas
Matt B.

 January 24, 2013
Great place , best pop corn ever :p luxury chairs so comfortable.
Michel K.

 October 22, 2012
Lovely place. They have bowling tooo
Joenne A.

 September 19, 2012
It's a fantastic place!
Ramzi C.

 August 16, 2012
Worst ever! No AC and no electricity... In the middle of the movie the current went out!