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ABC Mall Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon


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Leila Restaurant restaurant

83 Reviews for Leila Restaurant

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Rita A.

Rita A.   
 April 1, 2017
I do not recommend at allll, the smell of the Fatouh is very bad, maybe the vegetables are washed with "may mjarir" I swear the smell is like that. And it is not fresh.
Sha S.

Sha S.   
 March 26, 2017
Bad food ... coming with Eau de Javel ...
Sami Junior K.

Sami Junior K.   Savvy Savvy
 July 20, 2016
Good restaurant Prices are limit for what they offer. Service is excellent Tasteful Try their boneless chicken or taouk you won't regret it. Arguileh smoker: expensive and not top of the top.
Jude C.

Jude C.   
 November 8, 2015
40 minutes for 4 skewers of BBQ is unacceptable!!
Rita D.

Rita D.   Savvy Savvy
 September 25, 2015
Love the food! But they should fix this reservation issue! U cannot call and reserve yet when you go you never find a place!
Said A.

Said A.   Apprentice Apprentice
 September 20, 2015
Nice place . Clean and delicious food . A great lebanese diner
Rami Y.

Rami Y.   Apprentice Apprentice
 July 7, 2015
Good place . Tasty and delicious. But a bit small and uncomfy
Blondy+ B.

Blondy+ B.   Expert Expert
 April 30, 2015
Gd restaurant gd food but small portions.....
Romy K.

Romy K.   
 April 29, 2015
Unfortunatly it used to be better
Raed R.

Raed R.   Apprentice Apprentice
 April 7, 2015
Céline S.

Céline S.   Savvy Savvy
 January 12, 2015
One of the best lebanese food out there in my opinion. The presentation is also great. We would always prefer to pay less for lebanese since there are so many restaurants out there, but we couldn't blame leila and stop visiting, since it's one of the best.
Nathalie '.

Nathalie '.   Apprentice Apprentice
 January 8, 2015
Tasty food, great service.
Tsar ..

Tsar ..   Expert Expert
 December 10, 2014
I tried it once at Verdun , did not find anything specail about the place. Food is ok but nothing specail or outstanding, portions are to small. service was below average. It's an ok place for shisha and meza.
Ram A.

Ram A.   Savvy Savvy
 December 9, 2014
This review is for the new hamra branch We called to make a reservation. We got on the phone Farah who was so unproffesional , laughing and not concentrating until i had to be strict and ask her if im saying anything that makes er laugh! I dont know how they put such unproffesionals to answer the phones.we we arrived , the place was cool. Nice and good service. The shisha guy wont change the shisha head for free or rven half price( all lther cafes change it for half price or free) and we paid him 3000ll as a tip he was so mad. We usually pay more when we get better shisha service. It is an ok place but over priced
Ahmad E.

Ahmad E.   Savvy Savvy
 December 4, 2014
The food is truly amazing ! A must try if you want to enjoy lebanese food ! Yet the service could be better ! A bit overpriced though ! Yet all i can think about is the food ! AMAZING
Edmond G.

Edmond G.   Savvy Savvy
 November 23, 2014
It was my first visit. We enjoyed the food and the variety they offer. A little overpriced I agree but their Achta ice cream desert is a must try.
Nour S.

Nour S.   Savvy Savvy
 November 19, 2014
Yami I love this place ... But comparing to the portions it is overpriced
Anonymous User

Elena B.   
 November 7, 2014
Good restaurant. Very good food but small portion. Dont forget reservation because never places
Anthony B.

Anthony B.   Apprentice Apprentice
 September 7, 2014
I love this place :) a bit overpriced but still good!
Asem A.

Asem A.   Savvy Savvy
 September 7, 2014
One of the best Lebanese restaurants in Beirut. Yes, a little bit overpriced but it's tasty. I recommend it.
Bernard F.

Bernard F.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 14, 2014
Portions are getting smaller ! They have a new menu with higher prices like many restaurants in Lebanon that increase their prices without any rule or control. Otherwise the food is still good and tasty.
Mario Z.

Mario Z.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 12, 2014
Low food quality for high prices .. bad service
Hiba H.

Hiba H.   Savvy Savvy
 August 10, 2014
Good food,used to be better and the portions are getting too small by day
Loul L.

Loul L.   Savvy Savvy
 July 20, 2014
One of the best Lebanese restaurants, tasty good and high quality service.
Nassif A.

Nassif A.K   Savvy Savvy
 July 16, 2014
Everything Is Good! Food Is Delicious (The Chicken Osmaliya Is A Must Try). However, Some Of The Waiters There Are Rude Not To Mention Inattentive.
Arnaud F.

Arnaud F.   Apprentice Apprentice
 July 5, 2014
Very good restaurant, original menu, great atmosphere and service :-)
Nancy G.

Nancy G.   Savvy Savvy
 April 18, 2014
The food is very tasty but portions are getting smaller and prices higher.
Lynn S.

Lynn S.   Savvy Savvy
 April 13, 2014
Nice place, nice decoration, good food and excellent arghileh especially 3ajami.
Robert A.

Robert A.   Apprentice Apprentice
 March 18, 2014
Amazing lebanese meza with a nice special touch
Nora S.

Nora S.   Expert Expert
 March 13, 2014
Average food.. expensive for quality and portions
Louai A.

Louai A.   
 February 16, 2014
Great loved it great value for money !!
Leattt T.

Leattt T.   Savvy Savvy
 February 8, 2014
please change the staff!! the waiters are so rude and unprofessional.. there s nothg special abt the food.. 2 stars are enough
Mirna S.

Mirna S.   Apprentice Apprentice
 January 6, 2014
Well nothing special abt it, jst wanted to try it bcz of all that u hear its amazing (won't go again), the arguileh is 3ade compared to other places, wat i didnt like is iza 7ebib tghayir l ras u hv to pay for d whole price of the arguileh again (16000), food is good but a bit overpriced, d portions are too little, a very crowded place.
Lili B.

Lili B.   Apprentice Apprentice
 January 1, 2014
The best mashewe in beirut , good shisha and good service... It gets a little crowded and you might need to reserve ahead of time .. Especially abc branch , a bit expensive
Emad A.

Emad A.   Apprentice Apprentice
 December 23, 2013
Really, LEILA is my second best restaurant in town, GREAT FOOD, GREAT SERVICE, GREAT MANAGEMENT, & guys, dont complain about the bill, after all, you get what you pay for, keep up the good work, two thumbs up!!!!!
Nadim C.

Nadim C.   Savvy Savvy
 December 21, 2013
I will just rate it... Nothing to say
Bassel T.

Bassel T.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 24, 2013
Argileh is very nice.. The food is amazingly yummy "BUT" very expensive comparing to the amount of the food that is served in the dish.. I paid almost 50$ & I wasn't full when I was done..
Ziad G.

Ziad G.   Savvy Savvy
 November 18, 2013
I dont understand the buzz, nothing special.
Fouad A.

Fouad A.   Savvy Savvy
 October 20, 2013
Best restaurant in achrafiyeh
Just C.

Just C.   Savvy Savvy
 September 29, 2013
I love the place, nice ambiance, very tasty food, friendly waiters, reasonable price
Farah P.

Farah P.   
 August 26, 2013
Best lebanese food in town so far. The gemmayze branch (ahwit leila) is cleaner. But its awesome still
Travel And Tourism T.

Travel And Tourism T.   Apprentice Apprentice
 June 30, 2013
They do only mashawi u have no other choice
Georges D.

Georges D.   Savvy Savvy
 June 19, 2013
I think its one of the best lebanese restaurants food is great and service isnt bad at all but the outside tables are sometimes uncomfy because of the sun or the rain.but overall i really recommend leila's restaurant
Anonymous User

 June 19, 2013
The best lebanese restaurant in the region from service to food and hygiene.....
Anonymous User

Anto M.   
 June 17, 2013
3nda 2ichya taybi ..bass l waiter wel waitress yrakzo chway
Mahur D.

Makunga   Savvy Savvy
 June 2, 2013
Not bad of a place, good atmosphere but isn't good enough to be you ultimate arabic food destination ... It's good every once in a while ... 7/10
Micho F.

 May 27, 2013
for those who depend on reviews in order to give their verdict on the restaurant..just move ur asses and go yourselves try the amazing tasting of all lebanese restaurants and enjoy the best service ever seen..thank u
Anonymous User

George B.   
 May 15, 2013
Bad taste of food
Nicolas M.

Nicolas M.   Apprentice Apprentice
 May 6, 2013
Very tasty!!
Maher Z.

 May 6, 2013
Just for telling that i used to go but since i read what is written in reviews i immediately stoped going their!
Lidya A.

 May 6, 2013
When first i read the reviews about leila and bad food, specially (cha3er bel akel) elet yemkin 3am yozolmouwon. Bass really rehet leila w talabna akel. Tole3le cha3er bel batata l mtabake w bel fattouch ... Ma32ulllllll
Sara A.

Sara A.   Apprentice Apprentice
 April 9, 2013
Ya3ni .nt bad
Elie N.

Karim 44   
 March 28, 2013
great food but no place to seat
Bob B.

Elie N.   
 March 23, 2013
Great food keep up
Anntony T.

 March 23, 2013
Excellent service and great food, as usually
Issam M.

 March 21, 2013
Argile taybe bas aklo ma byetekal w mo3amale ma fi adrab mina...w tule3elna sha3ra bil 5obze te3it lmashewe
Rand E.

Ghada E.   
 March 21, 2013
Wont recommend it to anyone. Thought it was one of the respectable restaurants in leb turns out it isnt. Shame really
Abir K.

Abir   Savvy Savvy
 March 20, 2013
Aklo mich tayeb.bas l fattouch is tasty l be2eh bil marra
Jay J.

Jay J.   
 March 20, 2013
mabsad2 fi hek mat3am walla. 2alule tayyeb lk shu hal kizbe,akalt desert w midre shu ken fiya tfeh. Hayda gher ino il waiters lo2ama. lk mabyestehal nijme wala 7atta nos nijme :s
Ahmad M.

 March 20, 2013
Worst resturant ever opened on earth. From slow service to food served with hairs. Should close!
Doudi M.

Dee   Savvy Savvy
 March 20, 2013
ma elo 3aze esem 3al fade for lebanese show off people!! ma byetekall twice tolo3le sha3ra once bl akel once bl juice w aklo b areef mhanna a7saannn b alffffff marra w aklo b 3a2eddd
Tony J.

 March 20, 2013
I went with a group of friends to leila in abc so we asked to sit outside so we can smoke shisha he asked for our ages we said 18 (we are 18 ) he said we need to be 21 to smoke it was like he was kicking us out :) knowing that we previously smoked shisha there
Yehya K.

 January 15, 2013
Very bad food ,service and atmosphere ma 7ada yekol mashewi 3ando toli3li sha3ra bi wara2 el 3inab.
Anonymous User

Lucy B.   
 January 4, 2013
Yummy food yummy desserts!
Anonymous User

 January 3, 2013
The best lebanese restaurant! The food is yummy and good prices. But they need more varieties... We eat there every single sunday :D So excited for Leila- Dubai!! XX
Jamil O.

Jamil O.   
 October 26, 2012
One of the best restaurants in the region ....
Anonymous User

 October 25, 2012
Very good food
Fearo S.

Fearo S   
 October 4, 2012
amazing resto. best Taouk plate in Beirut.. good quality and service
Mazen E.

 September 6, 2012
Great fattouch :-)
Anonymous User

Jad Kadi   
 September 4, 2012
Delicious minted lemonade! Best Arabic food in Lebanon. Prices are not so fair.. :/
Maya S.

Maya S.   
 August 12, 2012
Yummy but expensive
Anonymous User

 August 1, 2012
I saw once their kitchen they are not clean at all
Nizar S.

Ns   Savvy Savvy
 August 1, 2012
it used to be my favorite , but we had a diner for 18 persons they obliged us to take the formula! for 45000 per person ! very disappointing
Anonymous User

Anonymous User   
 August 1, 2012
omg who talks about cleanless..plz it is forbidden kids to put comments abt this great restoo
Anonymous User

 July 23, 2012
i hate this place the food has no taste and so artificial
Samer I.

Samer I.   Savvy Savvy
 July 23, 2012
Had ramadan iftar there, very nice lebanese food, nice service, food came exactly on time although we were a bit late to order. No 5 stars cause its a bit expensive.
Rawad A.

Toni Khattar   Savvy Savvy
 July 19, 2012
Shi bi2aref , abadan mano ndef
Anonymous User

 July 7, 2012
Great place great food and supper hygienic as i see
Dany S.

 February 28, 2012
Great resto
Anonymous User

 February 19, 2012
layla weli3:p
Anonymous User

 February 13, 2012
great managment olso
Anonymous User

 January 25, 2012
amazing place, great people great service
Anonymous User

 December 30, 2011
Quite good lebanese food with a fancy presentation. Price is acceptable compared to high end lebanese restaurants and the setup is ok...

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