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Lord of the Wings

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Kaslik, Jounieh, Lebanon


+14 signature chicken wings sauces and +300,000 ways to build your own burger... only at... Lord of the Wings!!    facebook    twitter

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Lord of the Wings restaurant

12 Reviews for Lord of the Wings Restaurant

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Mohamad C.

Mohamad C.   Savvy Savvy
 November 27, 2015
Nice food but it tooks for ever for the food to be served
Lanloun K.

Lanloun K.   Savvy Savvy
 October 1, 2015
Yummmmy just ate pork ribs just try it very delicious
Danny B.

Danny B.   Savvy Savvy
 June 1, 2015
Everything is yummy here except for anything including red meat (e.g. beef). Advice for the customers: Stick with the chicken and the poutine, and remember that grilled wings are a healthy delicacy. Advice for the staff : please be more friendly and attentive. Thank you.
Blondy+ B.

Blondy+ B.   Expert Expert
 January 21, 2015
Very delicious chiken wings awesome...
Ninja N.

Ninja N.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 2, 2014
Really Gooood
Atef S.

Atef S.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 1, 2014
Boring and not so much a lord. And the name is lord of the wings not lord of the wings and everything else on the side
Kevin Z.

Kevin Z.   Apprentice Apprentice
 September 19, 2014
Great wings, its a clean place with a enthusiast employes, you can find a lot of different ssuces that are delicious, but quite expensive for such small quantities, but for the rest like the service, the employes and everything its great, the mood is also amazing but still need that WOW factor. Good management.
Marc W.

Marc W.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 13, 2014
Best open wings there and friendly staff
Farah T.

Farah T.   
 May 10, 2014
One of my best rest. The food is gr8 and the waiters are super friendly.
SPR 5.

TheAbandoned88   Savvy Savvy
 February 4, 2014
Definitely one of the best.
Celine S.

Celine S.   Apprentice Apprentice
 January 23, 2014
Not that good. Wings should taste much better than it tastes now because the restaurant's speciality is chicken wings, and food is a bit expensive.
Anis M.

Anis M.   Apprentice Apprentice
 October 4, 2013
Best wings in lebanon, but a bit expensive though.

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