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Manarat al Wadi

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2.6 5
 5 ratings


Jran, Batroun, Lebanon


4 Reviews for Manarat al Wadi Restaurant

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Joseph F.

Joseph F.   
 August 19, 2013
Dnt never ever try to go or even visit that place :)
SPR 5.

TeamBringIt   Savvy Savvy
 May 8, 2013
Roaches gettin out of burgers and sandwiches, dirty name just a few that makes this restaurant a place to definitely avoid. This is not a horror movie, this is the reality. Tfouuuuu
Anonymous User

 March 13, 2013
bad restaurant bad food dirty kitchen dirty chef :/
Anonymous User

Anonymous User   
 July 15, 2012
so yummiiii and best location ever... had so much funnnnn

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