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Hotel Promenade St., Zalka, Lebanon

+961-1-888947 | +961-1-888497

6 Reviews for Mcharrabiya Restaurant

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Hiba H.

Hiba H.   Savvy Savvy
 August 3, 2014
The food is super but the thing is that the Resto is always almost empty.
Asmar T.

Asmar T.   Apprentice Apprentice
 June 15, 2014
It is the worse experience i have noticed in my entire life ! It is not a restaurant ... It is somewhere where you order at 8:45 you wait till 9:30 to talk to the first waiter to get our order than the second than the third .... We got our order at 10:30 ! The order was taken wrong too It was comic ! The menu came empty ,the portion was too small and it was writen on the menu 12 chicken wings it came with just 6 etc etc I dont recomend at all
Melissa H.

 December 29, 2013
Great service, tasty food ... But he should be more generous -1 star for that
Tina P.

Tina P.   Savvy Savvy
 July 30, 2013
Good food and service.
Farah A.

Farah A.   
 July 20, 2013
Amazing place!
Amal R.

Amal R.   
 March 18, 2013
Great food & the atmosphere

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