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Mounir Restaurant

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3.6 90
 90 ratings


Broumana, Lebanon

+961-4-873900 | +961-4-873904

Mounir Restaurant restaurant

67 Reviews for Mounir Restaurant

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Hamza B.

Hamza B.   
 September 10, 2017
Very bad food
Massoud K.

Massoud K.   Apprentice Apprentice
 September 2, 2017
A little bit overpriced but the overall experience was a gd one! The food was delicious, the service was gd! Lots of noise and noisy waiters but have to visit!
Othman H.

 July 31, 2016
Number one in lebanon
A M.

A M.   Expert Expert
 January 20, 2016
Another very good Lebanese restaurant.
Mr. R.

Mr. R.   Apprentice Apprentice
 December 23, 2015
Where will i start. The best lebanese restaurant in lebanon
Lou L.

Lou L.   Savvy Savvy
 October 20, 2015
Used to be a lot better.
Tamina+ P.

Tamina P.   Savvy Savvy
 October 19, 2015
Nice view and cosy atmosphere, Average food. It used to be better but still a good place for family lunch.
Rony H.

Ron   Savvy Savvy
 September 3, 2015
Location is very nice. Not a comfortable seatings though. Food is average. Some food u should ask the waiter to complete the missing ingredients. An overrated restaurant compared to the name.
Ragheed K.

Ragheed K.   Savvy Savvy
 August 12, 2015
Nice view and nice garden used to be better old days
Mazen H.

Mazen H.   
 August 12, 2015
Worst place ever....bad service....ruddy staff....the joke that fruits u have to buy it....what the hell...
Bara%27a J.

Bara'a J.   Apprentice Apprentice
 July 27, 2015
The food isn't that fresh/well-cooked and it is somehow overrated.
Mona A.

Mona A.   
 June 3, 2015
best palce ever
Lanloun K.

Lanloun K.   Savvy Savvy
 May 4, 2015
Still number 1. Highly recommended
Blondy+ B.

Blondy+ B.   Expert Expert
 May 4, 2015
Used to be much better .....
Raed R.

Raed R.   Apprentice Apprentice
 April 7, 2015
Was better
Krystelle A.

Krystelle A.   Savvy Savvy
 April 6, 2015
Over crowded, food was better but remains beautiful. Perfect for family lunch.
Dahlia J.

Dahlia J.   Savvy Savvy
 December 7, 2014
Used to be excellent but now average. Always overcrowded and the food is not as good as before.
Joseph H.

Joseph H.   
 December 6, 2014
food not as good as it used to be, yet it is still one of the best
Tsar ..

Tsar ..   Expert Expert
 November 22, 2014
Use to be one of the best Lebanese restaurants, waiters to arrogant and the food is not as good as it use to be.
Edmond G.

Edmond G.   Savvy Savvy
 November 14, 2014
Used to be much better. Reputation alone will not keep people coming. Visited again last night... Not impressed at all... Shocked though by the pricy items.
Anonymous User

Tsar L.   
 November 14, 2014
Use to be better in everything good, service and ...........
Sabine D.

Sabine D.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 13, 2014
Best habra nayye anyone could ask for! But, too crowdy, though the service isn't slow...
Nour K.

Nour K.   
 October 6, 2014
Food was very delicious
Mohammad F.

 October 4, 2014
Zero. Very bad service and very vulger and crouded. Reputation more than needed
Asem A.

Asem A.   Savvy Savvy
 September 6, 2014
The food is good and the view is nice, but you need to renovate the place.
Omar A.

Omar A.   Savvy Savvy
 August 18, 2014
Was its is average.
Imad J.

Imad J.   
 August 10, 2014
Was good now its terrible, so much commercial
Hiba H.

Hiba H.   Savvy Savvy
 August 3, 2014
The food is not as good as it used to be and the tables are too close to each other.
Elie A.

Elie A.   
 July 30, 2014
Best lebanese restaurants
Johnny E.

Johnny E.   Savvy Savvy
 January 12, 2014
It used to be on the best lebanese restaurant but prices is very high for normal food
Nora S.

Nora S.   Expert Expert
 December 3, 2013
Used to be much better. . The last few times I went there were a total disappointment regarding food quality and taste.. tables r sooo close to each other.. over crowded
Tina P.

Tina P.   Savvy Savvy
 December 3, 2013
Was one of the best restaurants in Lebanon. This year it's one of the worse. Very bad food and service.
Daniel B.

Daniel B.   Apprentice Apprentice
 December 3, 2013
Merci Horace, je vous remercie pour votre commentaire. En conséquence, j'éviterai d'y aller....
Horace E.

Horace E.   Savvy Savvy
 December 3, 2013
i work in travel and tourism, in my life i've visited almost all restaurants in Lebanon. we visit Broummana to enjoy great weather and views.. Mounir has a beautiful View thats the only good thing. food is normal, prices are very high, extreemly high, waiters are bad dressed, dirty clothes, old clothes, restaurant owners are aiming on gathering clients money so they forget everything else.
Karim M.

Kar   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 11, 2013
Extremely average (if not below) food, the noise and loudness from all the tables is beyond normal which means you'll have to shout if you're to have a conversation with those seated with you... Let us not forget to mention the unbearable smoke brought by arguilehs from nearby tables (a nightmare for non smokers). Highly unrecommended, unless you're a simple minded materialist fool who wants "people to know that you've been to Mounir".
Anonymous User

(null) (null)   
 October 18, 2013
Best typical lebanese cuisine
Moon R.

Moon R.   
 September 12, 2013
The two stars would rank totally the view and the service.. But the food is so horrible the quality of the meat is so cheap even no basic knowledge of seasoning . what upset me the most was the very very cheap quality of oil used in salad .
Mohamed S.

Mo 7.   Savvy Savvy
 August 29, 2013
Great view if you are lucky to have a table on the side. Issue that you call to book and they tell you there is no booking. You then go there and they tell you that the tables with you are booked. They are probably too smart for me to understand.
Giõ H.

Giõ H.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 12, 2013
Great but food is getring worse
Hasan H.

Hasan H.   
 August 3, 2013
The view is nice, but the food is expensive for the quality and they dont even offer fruit at the end like every other lebanese restaurant.
Ralph B.

Ralph B.   Savvy Savvy
 July 21, 2013
I'll explain why I'm giving it a one start: don't get me wrong here, the place has become commercialized. With the head waiters thinking they are close to God. In the speediness of how the seat you and serve you, and how fast they expect you to leave after paying the bill. If you did not pull up in an Aston Martin, then odds are you will not feel as kingly as the rest of the folk. Several people got food illnesses from the raw meat last week, and none of us heard anything about it. They also leave the nice tables near the fountains and gardens for rich potentials. Meaning, if you're a casual group of friends, they'll tell you that the tables are reserved. We once stayed until closing, just to see how 'reserved' they were. Priority for rich foreigners. On another note, they highly disrespect the smoking ban.
Sarah M.

Sarah M.   
 July 20, 2013
Greatttttt food, awesome service Simply it's the best!!
Farah A.

Farah A.   
 July 20, 2013
My favorite!
Tarek E.

Tarek E.   Savvy Savvy
 July 18, 2013
Not bad!! Good food and friendly waiters! But used to be way better!
Wael G.

Wael G.   Apprentice Apprentice
 July 10, 2013
Wooooow !!! 3anjad mat3am ra2i3 ... Kermel hek bi oulo mounir w mounir!! atmosphere ktiir 7elo! Dajje shouweyy bass mesh mashkal... Sot l mayy bi janen... Akel ktiir tayeb .. Law fi 10 stars kenet b7otta ... Bhanne sa7eb l mat3am! W kamen l waiters friendly ktiir 3a shouwey ra7 byeje bi masse7le temme :P arguile taybe ... Highly recommended... U wont regret it (Y)
Arakelian S.

 July 2, 2013
Tasty food , it was better, good place for the mountain restaurant
Travel And Tourism T.

Travel And Tourism T.   Apprentice Apprentice
 June 29, 2013
Very normal restaurant
Louis L.

Louis L.   
 June 5, 2013
Great food and view!! 100/100
Nicolas G.

 June 5, 2013
Its a good restaurant and it has a good food but it was better
Joseph K.

Joseph K.   Savvy Savvy
 May 29, 2013
Hands down, best lebanese restaurant.
Anonymous A.

 May 15, 2013
Food is below average , very expensive
Zina B.

Zeinab   Apprentice Apprentice
 April 11, 2013
Tasty food and very nice view
Sara A.

Sara A.   Apprentice Apprentice
 April 9, 2013
Nice view tasty food.but expensive
Tarek K.

Tarek K.   
 March 28, 2013
The best restaurant on earth.Everything is DELICIOUS!!!!The chicken is amazing!!!!!
Carolina N.

 March 14, 2013
best lebanese food !! gr8 place :)
Samir I.

Samir I.   
 March 13, 2013
Best lebanes I ever taste, specially la7me nayeh
Dayana L.

Dayana L.   Savvy Savvy
 January 29, 2013
If u r looking for an excellent Lebanese food restaurant, that's the place to be!
Anonymous User

 December 27, 2012
great atmosphere, greater food :)
Mayoosh H.

 December 26, 2012
Best restaurant in all Lebanon!!
Mohamad T.

 October 27, 2012
Kteer tayyib bas l la7me 2asye shway
Anonymous User

Anonymous User   
 September 13, 2012
bad customer service!!!
Elie R.

 August 9, 2012
nicE plase
Anonymous User

 August 9, 2012
Location good and not bad food!
Anonymous User

 June 5, 2012
Great food and nice location
Jimmy N.

 May 23, 2012
A delicious restaurant with a big variety
Anonymous User

 April 12, 2012
Gr8 restaurant because one of my best friends lives near this place :)
Anonymous User

 January 8, 2012
Mounir restaurant is one of the best Lebanese restaurants around. Never left there unsatisfied. Excellent food and service.

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