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Le Mall Dbayeh, Dbayeh, Lebanon


The word pizza, as it is currently spelled, was used to describe both sweet and salty pies in the Middle Ages, but took the form that we are now familiar with in pre-Renaissance Naples, a large city in central Italy.

It’s said that the pizza that made Naples world famous is the Pizza Margherita in Italian or Pizza Margarita to the rest of the world. A local man and the town baker called Esposito first baked it in 1889. He created the pizza in honor of a visit to Naples by the Queen of Italy, Queen Margherita which she loved, and what eventually became Pizza Margherita has since become an international standard. Neapolitan pizza is still widely regarded as the best in the world, probably because of the fresh ingredients available to Neapolitan pizzerias.

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Olio restaurant

12 Reviews for Olio Restaurant

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Abou L.

Abou L.   
 March 11, 2017
Good prices, excellent waiters and excellent ambiance.
Reem K.

Reem K.   Savvy Savvy
 May 1, 2015
All time favorite italian restaurant! I recommend the Ravioli
Rony H.

Ron   Savvy Savvy
 April 29, 2015
Great food. Friendly waiters. Some of the platters are not present in the menu. Should add more chicken to the menu. Good job guys!!
Leattt T.

Leattt T.   Savvy Savvy
 January 3, 2014
delicious food specially the ravioli quatro fromaggi!! just wow!! the waiters are friendly and the service is great! thumbs up!!
Laddouna L.

Mina E.   
 August 15, 2013
Awsome 4 chesses pizza and bruscetta *thumbs up*
Setrida+ H.

 August 11, 2013
Delicious food ! Great place
Darleen W.

 April 28, 2013
Fantastic pizza
Anonymous User

Omar A.   
 April 27, 2013
Great pizza and pasta and good restaurant in general But the ravioli was not good at all :(
Jad F.

Jad F.   
 March 3, 2013
Excellent !
Eric Z.

Eric Z.   
 December 28, 2012
exelent pizza exelent service the place is silent an exelent place to eat pizza specialy hot pizza
Lalig A.

Lalig A.   
 December 23, 2012
One of the best restaurants! The pizza is delicious! All meals are great, great service and atmosphere. Defenetly recommend it
Ziad S.

Dr Zee   
 October 28, 2012
Healthy and not bad, but small place

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