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Olive Gardens Resort

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Bechmizzine, Koura, Lebanon


Olive Gardens Resort offers the most in peace of mind and awesome facilities to make your vacation home complete and your vacation pleasurable in every possible way.

Are you looking for a dream vacation house you can also call your home. Only one house still available of 200 sq. with open salon, high ceiling living area, open kitchen with beautiful bar, master bedroom on second floor, two other bedrooms, 3 total bathrooms, Cedars mountains view, private garden. Plus enjoy a semi Olympic swimming pool, tennis court, mini football, ATV route, ranch style restaurant and a lot more of daily activities...

Please note, Olive Gardens Resort is for Families only.

Olive Gardens Resort hotel

6 Reviews for Olive Gardens Resort

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K A.

 June 19, 2017
Horrendous customer service. I called to know a little bit more details as we were planning our first getaway with the twins who are 2 years old. I just wanted to know how will we fit by renting their junior suite bungallow. When I asked if 2 sleeping parks could be provided and what will be the cost (70$) on top of the bungalow the guy suddenly started screaming and shouting about how he will fit us and where. When I asked him gently to lower his voice as I was only trying to understand the system. He started screaming "Merci la elik, bye, bye, bye" and hanged the phone in my face. Mind you i never raise my voice on anyone and super easy going and polite with my questions. But it felt that he was not interested in providing me with any info, nor explain to me. Well, no wonders why they are all over discounted sites and have terrible reviews. This is a kind of business with unprofessionals that have no clue what theyre doing. I will definetly avoid.
Caline K.

 July 31, 2016
Arrives apres 2 heures de trajet, les gerants nous accueillent grincheux, sans aucun soupçon de sympathie ou de sourire nous signalant que nous devons payer 10$ de plus par enfant et 35$ pour la helper pour la chambre qui est deja a 200$. L'endroit est pas mal.les chambres par contre sentent tres mauvais et sont pas une bouteille d'eau dans la chambre...rien. Les restrictions sont eparpillees bizarement. " chiens chats girlfriend et boyfriend sont interdits...interdit de rester sans soutient sans pantalon... " etrange! Aucun service de chambre, apres le bain vous vous debrouillez a ramasser l'eau a votre façon. La piscine est agreable mais sans aucune vue a part les murs. Le sejour etait mediocre. Le petit dejeuner tres pauvre a voir ridicule.quelques bouts de kachkawein, labneh, mortadelle beurre et oeufs. Un sajj qui ne fait que du zaatar.w sa7tein. Et a la fin, si vous ne faites pas le check out a midi pile poil (ce qui n'est pas facile avec les gosses) on vous le fait sentir de toutes les facons. Monsieur et madame Gerant vous attendent a la porte de la chambre soucils froncés, extremement tendus en vous lançant des mechancetes. Genre: "etteignez l'AC" ect... dommage l'endroit aurait pu etre tellement agreable. Ah et n'oublions pas la visite d'un gentil scorpion durant la soiree...juste un detail.
Kelly T.

Kelly T.   
 April 25, 2016
We stayed at Olive Garden Resort out of season, April 16, it's a nice place but unfortunately the staff were no where up to standard! We were there for a week and they didn't come and clean our rooms till nearing the end of the week, we had to help ourselves with towels especially when both the upstairs showers leaked on our families downstairs beds! We informed them of the problem and they didn't do anything about it apart from move two couples where one room didn't have a hanging rail in wardrobe so had to hang our clothes in our friends wardrobe!!! They locked all the towels and bedding away, never replaced toilet paper, they blamed us for a blocked toilet and told us that we were not suppose to flush (toilet paper) in the toilet but didn't inform us of this which in fact untrue! And also blaming us for very poor quality workman ship with the flooring where holes starting to appear where the wood didn't join!!! There is more but need I go on.... The staff really need to work on their manners if they are to provide a great service to paying guests as we didn't get this.... Shame!
MarieBelle E.

 August 22, 2015
Its an amazing and quiet place to enjoy your weekend !!
Francois F.

Amateur   Expert Expert
 September 18, 2014
Good place to spend a quiet vacation. Clean rooms. Average food. Friendly staff.
Jad T.

Jad T.   
 June 27, 2014
Great place ! And a very unique and new idea

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