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Pain d'Or

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Zarif, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon


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17 Reviews for Pain d'Or

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Karim D.

Karim D.   
 August 4, 2015
I like the labeneh
Rasha T.

Rasha T.   
 February 2, 2015
Great place
Omar A.

Omar A.   Savvy Savvy
 August 18, 2014
Love their cheesecake.bit expensive
Malek A.

Malek A.   Apprentice Apprentice
 March 23, 2014
Was much better
Anonyme .

Anonyme .   Apprentice Apprentice
 June 28, 2013
MIAAAAAAM ahsan patisserie bil 3alam kellooo !!
Jennifer K.

 June 12, 2013
Over priced but verry delicious try the fraisier it's so delicious
Jad O.

Jad   Savvy Savvy
 June 12, 2013
Everything is over priced
Ayman T.

Ayman T.   Apprentice Apprentice
 June 8, 2013
I usually justify the price by taste of the product, but this does not qualify. Exception some of the cakes they make are good and worth the price.... SOME
Anonymous User

Anonymous User   
 April 20, 2013
once i found a bug in the small cake ! but i wont hate it bcz i like everything theRe!
Anonymous User

Anonymous User   
 March 22, 2013
Racha K.

 August 28, 2012
ok fine it may be expensive, but come onn his cakes are so delicious and he is somehow different in his cakes from otherss. yummi
Anonymous User

 August 27, 2012
Very expensive $
Anonymous ..

 July 21, 2012
Very bad hein?No!It's delicious.I don't eat cakes all the time .And this is why I love it
Anonymous User

 June 22, 2012
Too expensive
George M.

 April 24, 2012
Very bad cake.sugary
Mohamad Saiid H.

 February 27, 2012
I love this place (Y)
Anonymous User

 January 27, 2012
bad quality

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