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Fosh st, DownTown, Beirut, Lebanon


Paul is a French bakery founded in 1889, which offers more than fourty different fresh traditionally baked bread. Come and experience the French art de vivre through a selection of patisserie and viennoiserie, and taste the specialty fresh gourmet.

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Paul restaurant

11 Reviews for Paul Restaurant

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Diana K.

Diana K.   
 September 30, 2015
Very nice place, kind stuff and good service, ideal place to meet your friends
Mario D.

Mario D.   Savvy Savvy
 July 27, 2015
UNPROFESSIONAL STAFFFF !!!! But the food is not bad ... The staff are really unprofessional specially the girl of downtown behind aishti ! Omg i don't goe to this branch because of her ! The branch of zaytouna is not better ! The on of abc ach and le mall debayeh are good
Saria S.

Sara A.   Apprentice Apprentice
 June 21, 2015
Very small ..but good food
Krystelle A.

Krystelle A.   Savvy Savvy
 April 4, 2015
This branch is too small!
Youssef M.

Youssef M.   Savvy Savvy
 December 27, 2014
I do not like its bread anymore. The bread is not soft and not that special and overpriced! I work near the place and always see unsatisfied customers. There was a customer who challenged the chef if he can eat the plate that he has prepared for her since she was not able to... Was embarrassing! However the desserts are fine.
Elias M.

Elias M.   Savvy Savvy
 December 21, 2014
I love it there . When i'm sitting down and having a bite and watching people come and go , it feels like the city is still alive . EM
M. S.

M. S.   Expert Expert
 December 14, 2014
A classic. The food and beverages are kept to standard. Sometimes the service gets bad due to the undersized back of the house facing the pressure of the customer inflow.
Dan S.

Danny   Savvy Savvy
 June 29, 2013
haha Ghinwa, even Paul's management are a bunch of liars, dealt with them numerous times. I cannot understand how a big group like Alshaya accepts to hire such unprofessional, illiterate, despicable and non experienced staff. Sooooooooo retarded...
Anonymous User

 June 29, 2013
Worst service ever. The waiters are bunch of liars. they should learn how to repect the customers and how to serve them when the place is crowded. Managers should do smth about it to protect their so-called french reputation. Paul dubai is by far better although it is much more crowded than paul beirut
Anonymous User

 July 28, 2012
Quiet & classy place for a nice morning coffee!
Anonymous User

 January 17, 2012
A pleasure having a quiet breakfast at Paul in the morning or for a relaxed meeting on a cup of cappuccino and tasty croissants!

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