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Phoenicia Hotel Beirut

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Phoenicia Hotel Beirut

 27 ratings


Phoenician St, Minet el Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon

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Fax: +961-1-369101

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18 Reviews for Phoenicia Hotel Beirut

Haya G.

 July 7, 2017
Very good hotel!!
Anonymous User

 June 27, 2016
amazing place and service. The iftar @ mosaique resto is superb and best.
Krystelle A.

 April 9, 2015
I love the hotel but he restaurants were way better before.
Charles S.

 April 6, 2015
Amazing !!!!
Anthony K.

 January 6, 2015
Verry good
Toni B.

 November 11, 2014
Very classy place
Elias M.

 September 30, 2014
It didn't win its reputation out of nowhere . It deserves every star the name holds . Restaurants and hotel included . EM Twitter : @em_313 Instagram : elias_mansour
Dahlia J.

 June 21, 2014
Still the best hotel in Lebanon!
Anthony A.

 February 24, 2014
Horace E.

 December 5, 2013
5 Stars Hotel! restaurants, coffeshops, lounge bar, and the Lobby are awsome.. great team, this Hotel is and will always be the best in Lebanon! one small note, their rooms must be all renewed.. many visitors are having comments about rooms geting old..
Ryc B.

 November 14, 2013
One of the best ! Eau de vie is awesome
Daniel B.

 November 1, 2013
Évidemment la réputation du Phoenicia n'est plus à faire....hôtel de classe internationale....
Sarah S.

 November 1, 2013
Best hotel ever. Had my wedding there and i just loved it.
Mira H.

 August 18, 2013
Also 5 stars for ( eau de vie ) restaurant inside the Hotel
George M.

 July 26, 2013
The buffet with so many dishes to choose...
Abdo F.

 July 20, 2013
5 stars at its best
Vince F.

 June 18, 2013
Great service seriously they make sure you are pampered.
Maher G.

 June 2, 2013
Very good customer service and welcoming