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ABC Mall Ashrafieh, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon

+961-1-212888 | Ext. | 1308

Pinkberry is the original brand that reinvented the frozen yogurt category with its tart, light and refreshing taste. With a continued dedication to quality and a passion for yogurt, Pinkberry is focused on being the most innovative yogurt retailer in the world by thoughtfully handcrafting a variety of fresh and frozen yogurt experiences.    facebook    twitter

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24 Reviews for Pinkberry

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Loul L.

Loul L.   Savvy Savvy
 July 14, 2015
Love it ,,, fresh and tasty
Tarek E.

Tarek E.   Savvy Savvy
 July 14, 2015
Heaven in a cup!! As simple as that
Blondy+ B.

Blondy+ B.   Expert Expert
 May 4, 2015
Delicious! Lots of different tastes.....
Krystelle A.

Krystelle A.   Savvy Savvy
 May 3, 2015
The strawberry flavor!
Lynn S.

Lynn S.   Savvy Savvy
 November 16, 2014
Very good and tasty but very expensive too! The servers are trained to deal with toppings like jewels.... 4 small pieces of strawberry that does not even make one whole fruit are considered one topping.... for the price u pay they should be way more generous.
Omar B.

 November 16, 2014
soo delicious , service very good
Anonymous User

Tsar L.   
 October 30, 2014
Product is very good Service is very good Cleanness is very good Price is fair
Lea T.

Lea T.   Savvy Savvy
 October 30, 2014
So delicious but the staff need to be more professional
Danny B.

Danny B.   Savvy Savvy
 August 26, 2014
Delicious!! Lots of different tastes. Slightly overpriced.
Marc W.

Marc W.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 13, 2014
Best ever tasted
Nassif A.

Nassif A.K   Savvy Savvy
 July 14, 2014
High Prices And Overrated For JUST Frozen Yoghurt With Few Toppings! I'd Rather Have A Real Desert At Dip n Dip, Nuetlisimo Or Simply Anywhere Else.
A?man R.

Ayman R.   
 June 14, 2014
Don't like it. So candy like
Johnny E.

Johnny   Savvy Savvy
 June 2, 2014
Rabab Y.

Rabab Y.   Savvy Savvy
 June 2, 2014
PinkBerry Loverrrr! =)
Anonymous User

(null) (null)   
 June 1, 2014
The ice creem are exelent very friendly perfect price the best always eat ther
Judy M.

Judy M.   Apprentice Apprentice
 June 1, 2014
The best of the best!I cant stop adding toppings :') Service is super great it's just a little too small anws I LOOOVE IT.
Pierre K.

Pierre K.   Savvy Savvy
 April 17, 2014
Taste is Superior so as the prices.
Cyla J.

Cyla J.   Savvy Savvy
 November 24, 2013
Treeeeees bon mais suppppper cher.........
Bassel T.

Bassel T.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 24, 2013
Very yummy ... But the prices should be less than that.. & watch out cuz the toppings r not for free ... I thought it was free until I paid 15,000 L.L for a small glass hahaha..
Nagham F.

Nagham F.   Savvy Savvy
 August 6, 2013
Delicious and special low fat dessert. Perfect for hot summer days.
Lulu B.

Lulu B.   Apprentice Apprentice
 July 26, 2013
Really yummy, but expensive.
Alexandre S.

 July 25, 2013
Its awesome !! But.. The price is little high..
Joumana T.

Joumana T.   Expert Expert
 July 25, 2013
Yummy yummy yogurt! A great variety of toppings as well. Yummy!
Nicolas M.

Nicolas M.   Apprentice Apprentice
 June 23, 2013
Amazing desert!

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