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Roadster Diner

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ABC Mall Dbayeh, Metn, Lebanon

+961-4-405504 | Delivery: +961-4-406206

We are guided by a vision and mission that allow us to be leaders in our field, and our core values reflect and enhance the culture we embrace.

Our vision is to lead the international casual dining industry by delivering world class services.

We are passionate to provide unforgettable experience to our guests and value to our stakeholders by empowering our talents.    facebook    twitter

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Roadster Diner restaurant

39 Reviews for Roadster Diner Restaurant

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L R.

L R.   Apprentice Apprentice
 February 9, 2017
The old menu used to be so much better ! They have removed some great items, espcially in the desserts section. The food is good in general, the chicken strips are to die for. A pleasant experience overall.
Tina P.

Tina P.   Savvy Savvy
 August 13, 2016
I have never been into a worse branch.
Johnny M.

JK Mouradian   Savvy Savvy
 August 12, 2016
Literally i didnt like any of the new menu ...the whole new concept is a sequel of what it was before and worse
Jad N.

Jad N.   
 August 11, 2016
service is soo badd .waiters tooo
Helena M.

Helena M.   
 October 11, 2015
I love roadster
Lanloun K.

Lanloun K.   Savvy Savvy
 July 31, 2015
Best dinner. Professional waiters. Very clean. Nice food variety. Try beef Angus burger very yummy.
Marc ..

Marc ..   
 July 31, 2015
Amazing place friendly staff any wrong think happen they will considered
Kami D.

Gladis A.   
 July 31, 2015
Roadster Diner is a very dirty place ! If you take a look at the chefs , they do not wear gloves !! All the food you are eating there is so dirty !!! Their food is not good at all , you can get cancer from all the food u find there ; especially their chicken . A friend of mine died because of the food he ate . I think what I said is enough for you to understand .
Pamela A.

Pamela A.   Savvy Savvy
 June 27, 2015
Very professional! If anything goes wrong they'll always make it up to you in some way. They care about customers and in my opinion that's the most important thing.
MarieTherese B.

 June 10, 2015
In A B C Dbayeh c affreux. Les frites trop cuites et même brunes et dures. Le service lent et nonchalent ..pourtant le lieu était presque vide .Tandisqu'au Roadster Zeitouna Bay c le contraire tout était parfait et succulent..
Mira ..

Mira ..   Apprentice Apprentice
 March 22, 2015
I love it but lately it's been annoying all the screams and loud children everywhere at roadster, maybe they should consider creating a seperate section for kids and families? U can't even hear yourselves talking! All branches alike! Plz do something about it. Expensive for an international cuisine but everything is delicious and neat. I never had a problem with the service but they take our feedback and complaints seriously. Just yummy but they really need to reconsider their overpriced menu
Blondy+ B.

Blondy+ B.   Expert Expert
 January 17, 2015
Always din in when am in A.B.C . Clean and tasty
Rick B.

Rick   Savvy Savvy
 January 1, 2015
They decided to stop serving eggs after 1 pm. So question: amazing deal is not too heavy for a morning breakfast? Anyway everyday i am going to this place makes me feel more and more frustrated. Something always happened in this place from the service to speed of order... Well it s used to be much better before. Pity.
Carole C.

Carole C.   
 January 1, 2015
Yummy and clean
Jansen M.

Jansen M.   
 December 31, 2014
Roadster is the best! Delicious and clean food, a good place to spend your time there with friends.
Roukoz K.

Roukoz K.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 11, 2014
The best branch out of all except for the busy weekend nights when there's a 50min waiting list... When you've got yourself a 50min waiting list you might as well expand the place. Otherwise pretty great
Liana R.

Liana R.   
 October 18, 2014
Bad very bad I hope all the branches close
Elie R.

Elie R.   
 October 18, 2014
Great restaurant!
Nancy D.

Nancy D.   
 September 15, 2014
Not worth it
Thomas A.

Thomas Abi Rached   Apprentice Apprentice
 September 8, 2014
Great place, but overcrowded.
Carole C.

Carole C.   Apprentice Apprentice
 July 2, 2014
Clean !!!!
Lynn S.

Lynn S.   Savvy Savvy
 April 27, 2014
The best restaurant for this type of food! This restaurant has keept its quality of food and customer service for a long time outstanding custumer service!!!
Chady C.

Chady C.   Apprentice Apprentice
 April 27, 2014
If you enjoy waiting forever for your food when the place is half empty , go there you won't be disappointed !
Fredy C.

 April 22, 2014
One of the best restaurants in lebanon.......Love it
Rayan P. K.

 January 6, 2014
Amazing food . Great service . Friendly waiters.
Uknown R.

Uknown R.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 26, 2013
Used to be much better to be honest portions have gotten smaller and prices have risen. Quality of the food has hit a downfall too, but still a fun place to go too.
Laddouna L.

Mina E.   
 August 15, 2013
My second home xD love the food, love the taste, love the service, the enthusiasm and so on.. I LOVE ROADSTER DINER ♡
Romy N.

Romy N.   
 August 5, 2013
I love rd ♥
Roudy S.

Roudy S.   
 October 12, 2012
The abc branch suckss....
James K.

James K.   
 October 6, 2012
Best restaurant in Leb.
Anonymous User

 October 5, 2012
very good food and friendship staff but the new branch at abc dbayeh,their staff are unprofessional. the food came drinks not cold enough..service slow
Georges A.

 October 5, 2012
Best place ever!!! Friendly waiters and great food!
Just C.

Just C.   Savvy Savvy
 September 27, 2012
Good, but it's getting overpriced.
Anonymous User

 July 17, 2012
I am 100% with you Elie.
Elie L.

Elie Xeos   
 July 17, 2012
Obviously the best
Mario H.

 May 20, 2012
very good
Anonymous User

 April 17, 2012
Always the best
Joe Elie A.

-   Apprentice Apprentice
 April 8, 2012
crepaway is better
Romy B.

 February 9, 2012
Owns my heart!

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