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Biel, DownTown, Beirut, Lebanon


SkyBar Beirut night club

45 Reviews for SkyBar Beirut Nightclub

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Marino M.

Marino M.   Savvy Savvy
 June 6, 2015
Not opening this season... just disappointing.
Lanloun K.

Lanloun K.   Savvy Savvy
 April 28, 2015
I agree with Marcus S
Marcus S.

Marcus S.   Savvy Savvy
 January 28, 2015
One cannot deny that the club setting is great and the changing concept of the club every week during the past summer was also very attractive to regular customers at Sky Bar. While the service was very good and the club vibe was nice, I do not understand why people make such a big fuss about this place. I partied there once this summer and it was the last time I ever wanted to go. For a club that sells itself as a top notch place, the management has chosen a location where guests have to drive through construction sites, dumpsters and park in a sandy parking lot in order to enter the club. That's a turn off when the image one creates when preparing oneself to hit a top notch club is more glamorous and exclusive. Most importantly, one would expect a top notch club to lead party people in music and not follow people's commercial tastes. I was shocked that at 1:00 AM the club switched to hiphop and the latest songs the Dj spun were "I need a ride" some 50 Cent song. The music was a total disappointment. On the whole, if you have partied in top notch clubs around the world, Sky Bar comes close to that... Just close.
Pamela H.

Pamela H.   
 January 9, 2015
My favorite club!
Marwan S.

Marwan S.   Savvy Savvy
 December 29, 2014
Well we already all know its the best nightclub in Beirut, you have a hell of a great time everytime here
Atef S.

Atef S.   Apprentice Apprentice
 November 1, 2014
Too much ego and snoby
L B.

L B.   Savvy Savvy
 October 2, 2014
Classy , fancy big nightclub . Must try in Beirut. Great ambiance & music . Reservation is a must.
Elias M.

Elias M.   Savvy Savvy
 October 1, 2014
When you want to try such a club you have to follow the dress code and have a previous reservation , so don't nag about the door selection , they are not being rude but they are doing their jobs . Beautiful place , beautiful view , nice music , clean alcohol . It is definitely one of the best nightclubs in beirut and we all know that . But i guess they have to be more creative nowadays and add an extra x factor to the place in order to keep it up with the competition EM Twitter : @em_313 Instagram : elias_mansour
Sami K.

Sami K.   
 August 18, 2014
Hella good time. Every time.
Dahlia J.

Dahlia J.   Savvy Savvy
 August 8, 2014
Good nightclub
Mostapha M.

Mostapha M.   Apprentice Apprentice
 July 26, 2014
I guess one of the best clubs in Beirut. Highly recommended. Will repeat again and again
Mahdi C.

Mahdi C.   
 July 26, 2014
Best night club in lebanon.. awesome atmosphere even in events
Lea T.

Lea T.   Savvy Savvy
 June 10, 2014
Overcrowded but nice music and decor Friendly staff
Sevag Y.

Sevag Y.   Apprentice Apprentice
 March 22, 2014
Yes its crowded. Yes its expensive. But music is perfect, lightning, displays and everything is nice. This summer was the best with its after parties. Amazing club
George A.

G A   Savvy Savvy
 December 11, 2013
Overcrowded. Loud music. Average age 20. Overpriced.
Horace E.

Horace E.   Savvy Savvy
 December 11, 2013
best DJ yes.. but most expensive nightclub in Lebanon! our bill was over 5000$ with few orders! why? a Khalifi friend was with us!!!
Maher S.

Maher S.   Savvy Savvy
 December 11, 2013
Simply the best dj in lebanon 5STARS (no comment)
Samer S.

Samer S.   
 December 2, 2013
No comment
Bassel H.

Bassel H.   
 November 28, 2013
Best night club in the midle eastt !!
Elias K.

EKS   Savvy Savvy
 October 19, 2013
one of the best night club in lebanon dj pro music raw3a w lighting wonderful
Anonymous User

 September 28, 2013
awesome club. disappointing music. watered down cocktails. go there at least once.
Antony B.

Anthony   Savvy Savvy
 September 28, 2013
Sorry overrated!
Charbel S.

 August 9, 2013
Its a good night club but over rated
Johnny S.

Johnny S.   Apprentice Apprentice
 August 6, 2013
Way too crowded! One of the best places to go to if u want a loud club scene, with 20 year olds and the shittiest bouncers on the planet
Anonymous R.

Rabih A.   
 July 21, 2013
Always over crowded, the bouncers at the door can use some discipline and CRM courses when dealing with customers. The drinks are just like any other club while the music recurs on weekly basis.
Jennifer K.

 July 14, 2013
Fabulous awesome ❤
Omar B.

Omar B.   Apprentice Apprentice
 June 29, 2013
Best nightclub
Fad K.

Fad   Apprentice Apprentice
 June 24, 2013
3al iyere bas al cyliste maken ta7t
Rima B.

Rima B.   
 June 24, 2013
Like itttttt! !
Alain S.

Alain S.   
 June 10, 2013
Amazing music love it
Dayana L.

Dayana L.   Savvy Savvy
 January 28, 2013
Simply number one! Great atmosphere and music. Best worldwide club!
Carla M.

Carla M.   
 December 6, 2012
I almost went once..... until the bouncer didn't let me in.... that was 4 years ago, I was young but i knew alot of younger people who partied there every weekend... but u know those girls knew some people who knew some people who barely know some people that can let them in... Now im 24 and eventhough i got many chances to go, I wasn't interested
Joe-Charbel C.

 August 27, 2012
Nice place to drink, dance and enjoy ur time :))))
Joy ..

Joy ..   
 July 25, 2012
amazing place . crazy atmosphereee. rockin DJ. though service not so great. but who cares . u just wana have ur drinkk andd have fun n go crazyy
Yazan J.

 May 14, 2012
A gathering place for the shallow materialistic unreal that cant hold a conversation crowd, unless your talking about girls cars and money. plus its disgustingly overrated.
Anonymous User

 May 13, 2012
the best in town
Anonymous User

 May 13, 2012
its nice, somewhat overrated. always stepped on its too crowded
Anonymous User

 May 13, 2012
u can have $100 million in ur bank account and the crappy staff would still make u feel like a poor scum bag. Too overrated
Anonymous User

 May 10, 2012
Yeah u can have fun if u don't mind an extremely crowded place, full of social classification
Anonymous User

Z E Z O   
 May 9, 2012
SkyBar No.1
Rida N.

 May 6, 2012
sky bar is the best night ever ,,,, its number one in the MED. join us last season
Anonymous User

 March 9, 2012
Best place ever been to!
Anonymous User

 March 7, 2012
Unique! Others tried to compete but failed:)
Anonymous User

 December 20, 2011
Overcrowded but worth it!
Anonymous User

Rabih AR.   
 August 13, 2011
A must for anyone who likes to party. This place is out of competition; second to none. Music and ambiance is exceptional. 5 stars

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