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To Tango

Lebanese Restaurants in Lebanon

4.1 23
 23 ratings


Shoukin, Nabatiyeh, Lebanon

+961-7-768431 | +961-3-761431

11 Reviews for To Tango Restaurant

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Ghassan J.

 June 27, 2017
The New branch is a disaster bad food bad service everything is bad
Anonymous User

(null) (null)   
 January 31, 2014
Anonymous User

Abbass Hijazi   
 January 13, 2014
comis kitchen bt3kitchen
Omar S.

 December 20, 2013
Moallem bi 7ebbo!
Hassan I.

Hassan I.   
 August 12, 2013
Tasty food
Ahmad H.

Ahmad H.   
 June 8, 2013
Great taste ! But Slightly overpriced :/
Anonymous User

Anonymous User   
 December 26, 2012
The best place in Nabatieh to have a tasty quiet meal with ur friends or family members
H A.

H A.   
 August 17, 2012
pretty good place!
Wassim D.

Wassim D.   
 May 12, 2012
Anonymous User

Ali H Ghandour   
 February 12, 2012
Very good place
Anonymous User

Khayat Ahmad    
 January 5, 2012
very good place

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