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ToT OU Tard

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Roman St., Byblos, Lebanon



ToT OU Tard restaurant

24 Reviews for ToT OU Tard Restaurant

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Vanessa H.

V. H   
 June 16, 2016
Slow service but delicious food
Monica R.

Monica R.   Apprentice Apprentice
 January 22, 2016
Love the pizza , but slow service
Rodrigue S.

 September 13, 2015
Place. Food beverage service 100%. U must try it
Joanna D.

Joanna D.   
 August 30, 2015
Food poisoned!!! Never again!!
Michel S.

Michel S.   
 January 31, 2015
The chef does 2 jobs at the same time: removing dirty dishes and preparing pizza without using gloves!!!!!
Myriam D.

Myriam D.   Apprentice Apprentice
 January 21, 2015
Try the burger version
Anthony B.

 January 20, 2015
Burger is great and the service is nice and friendly also

Julie ".   
 January 19, 2015
Generous restaurant, very delicious! Yum yum
Nathalie '.

Nathalie '.   Apprentice Apprentice
 January 19, 2015
Delicious Goa chicken sandwish and chick chick burger!! If u want a dessert u must try the tot au tard Calzone. Very friendly service
Mays Z.

Mays Z.   Savvy Savvy
 January 18, 2015
Yummy food... portions are fine... very friendly service... and cheap prices... I would recommend it but not for heavy eaters :p
Anthony+ R.

 November 12, 2014
baaabaaa pizza yammi
Rawad F.

Rawad F.   
 October 4, 2014
Great place. The food is just amazing and unique. Very clever burger idea. I would recommend everyone to try it. The staff is friendly and generous. One of my favorite restaurants in Lebanon.
Josette M.

 July 10, 2014
Perfect place... food is the best(y) burger specially and the service is perfect and they take any comment into consideration and they try to fix it directly...
George A.

George A.   Savvy Savvy
 June 30, 2014
Food is delicious, service is perfect and prices are fair. Thumbs up.
Mike A.

Mike A.   
 February 21, 2014
I wish there was a zero rating
Sarah G.

Sarah G.   
 October 1, 2013
Too delicious .. specialized in a very different way to do a burger.. Classic burger and goa chicken are my favorite!! Try it amazing stuf, environment & place..
Dmitriy K.

 August 8, 2013
One of the few places in Lebanon, where one can gather his friends, or have a romantic dinner with a special someone expecting nothing but the best! Top quality fast food made with the freshest ingredients and under the supervision of Chef Charbel Kyrillos. Must tries are "Chef Salad, Tot Ou Tard Burger, Finding Nemo and Labne Nation!" The place is situated on the main road, with pleasant up-to-date music and incredible shisha for all those who enjoy it! A must try if you are in Jbeil and looking for a great place to eat!
Abdel Sami3 E.

 June 9, 2013
Amazinggg delicouis Ask for boneless chicken and bonless fish best place ever
Roudayna E.

 May 4, 2013
love it amazing place
Johnny D.

Johnny D.   
 October 22, 2012
amazing place, delicious food, definitely will return!
Sam S.

Sam S.   
 May 31, 2012
amazing and soo delicious
Sabine B.

 April 24, 2012
Love it !! All salads are yummy.
Cedric S.

Cedric S.   
 April 13, 2012
Delicious food u can ever have
Anonymous User

Dany K   
 March 29, 2012
Ask for the boneless fish yammyyyy

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